Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Final hours of the Barrage Miniatures Terrain Kickstarter

A few weeks ago I posted about Barrage Miniatures launching a Kickstarter for a terrain system they had developed. Recently, they  kindly provided me a few samples of their campaign's products. Well, wow, I can confirm that the quality is amazing and the utility of the various pieces are wide and varied. 

The terrain is provided in a flexible resin, which seems to have a colour pigmentation imbued within the material itself. Pretty ingenious.

Forest floor (trees not included)

After having auditioned them on various different surfaces and with a wide assortment of miniatures I can say the pieces work wonderfully and look terrific.

If you are like me, in that your hobby time is usually weighted towards figures rather than terrain, this range of products may interest you. I know it has for me. Highly recommended.