Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Dark Age Romano-British (60 points)

From John:
Next up is the start of my Romano-British army for Dux Britanniarum. We have our Tribune as well as his two Decurios, as well as the Champion. 
We also have a unit of elite Commanipulares. The Champion is the fellow running with a weird head band, I had no idea how to paint this. 
The shields are from LBMS and have been hand painted after application, it is difficult to blend them in as every single shield was of a different size. 
The banners have been placed on tinfoil, much superior method over paper as easier to bend into patterns. I really like the red/white motif and will try to stick with this through out the army aside from the lowest of the low. 
The last picture shows the Elites in their movement tray. In Dux the Romano-British can fight in a shield wall, unlike the Saxons, thus the close order tray.
Next up I will have some Napoleonics, the AP is drying now.

Beautiful stuff John. I ordered a bunch of Romano British and this has me stoked to start them once they arrive.

This warband will give John a base of 55 points but I'm adding five more for the shields and great banner.

From RayR: 15mm Flodden Scottish Highlanders (188 points)

Ray makes his dash into the top ten points standings with this horde of hairy scotsmen.

From Ray:
I thought I'd take a break from the NYW and get some of my Flodden figures painted up. These  MY (Mick Yarrow) Highlander figures have been sitting unloved in my goodie draw for far too many of years!!! The figures are not the best but at the time of buying them they were the best specific range for Flodden I could find. So these 7 units of 12 figures kickstart my Scots army. All the flags were made by myself and the bases are from QRF for a change, I found a stack of the bases at the same time as I dug out the Highlanders!

That is a passel of jocks to be sure! It's great that you've dug up these old castings so they can enjoy some attention.

These lads will give a base of 168 points but I'm adding another 20 for the banners and the fact that one of the units (the one full of guys with weak chins and bad teeth) is Clan Campbell (Booyah!)

From TimG: 1/100 Cold War Aircraft (18 points)

From Tim:

Just when you thought you'd seen every scale in town, here are a couple of 1/100 scale aircraft.  Both Tamiya kits, the BAC Lightning is in the markings of 5 Sqn, RAF.

For the IL-28 'Beagle' I was unable to resist Finnish markings, not least because of the bright red engine nacelles!

Very cool Tim! I really like the raw aluminium look to these old Cold War birds.

These two will give Tim 18 points. Well done!

From JamesB: 28mm AWI, Modern, ECW & SYW (530 points)

If we were to liken mini-painters to ships James would be the 'Yamamoto' whereas I would be, like, 'Steamboat Willie'. Here he presents a staggering entry from four different time periods. 

From James:
I have been building up a large group of completed figures so as not to swamp Curt, I have a bit of a mix today. 
First 12 American Regulars you may be questioning why I have a British flag(the more observent will spot the flag from Perry Miniatures plastic Nap British), Dad and I want to use these for F&IW were they would be colonial regulars, I have a second standard bearer which I will paint with a flag from the AWI so the figures can be used in both.

Another lot of figures that have been sitting in my lead pile unloved, 5 SWAT members.

More ECW Cavalry these 18 were an ebay purchase and look like mostly old Foundry Miniatures, the flag was printed off the web and painted.

Lastly I offer the start of our SYW French Army, 3 units of Musketeers these are form conquest miniatures via Warlord Games the flags are from Maverick Models.

This takes me passed my monthly target of 1000 and keeps me on for my Par target if not more.

Wowzers! My eyes kind of dilate looking at all this stuff, and all of it such great quality. An amazing tour de force.

This lot will give James a walloping 530 points (with a few extra added for the banners). 'You like apples? How do you like them apples?'

From IanW: War of the Spanish Succession - French Infantry Regiment 'Vermandois' (18 points)

From Ian:
These are a test sample for one of my mates. The idea is to paint them up in his style so they match up to the units he has or will paint. I have not really been too good with the black primed and system painted so this was the biggest challenge. I have a few units from Matt to use as examples. I don't think I have nailed it but it's a reasonable match.
These are Vermandois Regiment, French from the Spanish War of Secession, Baccus castings. Total number is 48 but Matt will be doing the basing and flagging. Now I need to do one of the more colourful regiments and get them to him for approval.

Who can deny all those little tricorns! They look very good Ian - I'm sure your friend Matt be delighted with them.

Taken with the absence of basing, these boys will give Ian 18 points. 

From DaveD: 28mm 'Geisha Oyuki' (5 points)

From Dave:
After all those aircraft and masses of green , blue and grey I was after something with a little challenge. So here we have "Geisha Oyuki" meaning Honorable Snow - what else could I call her doing her for you eh!

"The geisha is a living work of art. Since a very early age, she is trained in all the arts to satisfy men.Her presence captivates those worthy of her. She is an expert in arousing desire in the men's hearts andin taking them to submission. In these dark days, some of them have been trained to work as assassins for their clan." 
She is from a Spanish company - Zenit Miniatures rannge "Kensei" series    You can download the rules free at the moment from thier site - Curt I know you just so will....
 Wow, lovely work Dave - I think she's brilliant. I particularly like the colour and patter you've chosen for her kimono - very elegant!

Oyuki will give Dave 5 points.