Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Dark Age Romano-British (60 points)

From John:
Next up is the start of my Romano-British army for Dux Britanniarum. We have our Tribune as well as his two Decurios, as well as the Champion. 
We also have a unit of elite Commanipulares. The Champion is the fellow running with a weird head band, I had no idea how to paint this. 
The shields are from LBMS and have been hand painted after application, it is difficult to blend them in as every single shield was of a different size. 
The banners have been placed on tinfoil, much superior method over paper as easier to bend into patterns. I really like the red/white motif and will try to stick with this through out the army aside from the lowest of the low. 
The last picture shows the Elites in their movement tray. In Dux the Romano-British can fight in a shield wall, unlike the Saxons, thus the close order tray.
Next up I will have some Napoleonics, the AP is drying now.

Beautiful stuff John. I ordered a bunch of Romano British and this has me stoked to start them once they arrive.

This warband will give John a base of 55 points but I'm adding five more for the shields and great banner.


  1. great stuff, cant wait for the Nap's too
    Peace James

  2. These look really good, I have no idea about the headband either


  3. Looking good John. I like the basing.

  4. Beautiful work! great looking flag and the basing's pretty cool too!


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