Monday, September 8, 2014

28mm Heroes Ready for Pulp Adventures from Statuesque Miniatures

I've been in a pulp fiction kind of mood lately. Probably from overindulging on too many graphic novels and schmalzy movies over the summer (as if the terms 'overindulging', 'graphic novels' and 'schmaltzy movies' could ever be mutually exclusive).

Anyway, here a four new additions to my Pulp Adventure collection. I present to you from left to right:

Captain P. Douglas D.S.C./R.N. (Ret.)

Captain Douglas is a grizzled veteran of the Great War where he made a reputation for himself as a hard-driving commander of a destroyer. He gained both his D.S.C and his prized 'Broomhandle' Mauser from a boarding action where he and his crew captured a light cruiser off the coast of Africa. (The same Mauser shattered his left arm, when he was wounded by the German cruisers captain.)

Viki 'Dead Eye' Krueger

Ms. Krueger is the daughter of a notable South African big game hunter and guide. After he was killed by a lion (a suitable end) she took over the family business. She is a rough-and-tumble character who never shies away when the path becomes perilous. Even though she lost her left eye to a pygmy dart when she was a teenager, she is still a crack shot with her pearl-handled Colt pistol.

Major Marty 'Gimme' Mohr

Like Douglas, Mohr is also a veteran of the First World War, but that is where the likeness ends. 'Gimme' Mohr ended his Great War as a German Stormtrooper, where he was finally captured while entering the outskirts of Paris... by himself. (From this, he has the unique distinction to have personally marked the furthest point the Imperial German army had advanced on the Western Front.) His martial skills were quickly recognized by his captors and he was quietly recruited into the secret 'League of Nations League'.

Lt. Jarmila 'The Hand' Fedorak

Jarmila is also a valued member of the elite 'League of Nations League'.  As a teenager she was a member of a Ukrainian nationalist group who fought with the Whites during the Russian Civil War. She attracted attention to herself when it was found that she could, through shear force force of will, throw devastating shock waves from her withered right hand. The League has helped her harness and focus her powers through arcane psychic training and utilizing a unique power gauntlet developed by the renown Nikola Tesla.

All these figures are from the Pulp Alley range offered from Statuesque Miniatures (sculpted by Andrew Rae). Really fabulous bunch of castings, with very fine features and almost no seam lines or flash - an absolute pleasure to work on. I have no idea of what I'll use these for, as I just picked them up because I liked the castings, but I'll try to come up with something suitably silly and fun to get them on the game table.

Next up: Post-Apocalyptic Gangers or WWII Canadians (whichever rolls off the table first).