Thursday, January 5, 2012

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII German Recon and Anti-Tank Guns (112 points)

Chris sends in this great group of German PAK guns and recce vehicles for use with 'Flames of War'.

These are from the 15mm Battlefront range of models. I was commiserating with Chris about how bloody flat and boring Panzer Grey can be (and tricky to highlight). He decided to put in the road terrain piece so the 8-rads would not blend too much into the background.

German armoured cars emerging from some Escheresque nightmare landscape...

Chris' dog, Jose, took it upon himself to make a pre-emptive strike for the Allies and gave a good gnaw to the German command stand below. So its Iron Crosses all around and an officer and signaler from the depot are being brought up as a replacements... 

These guys (minus 'Headless Mein Herr and Company') will give Chris 112 points. Bravo! Now get back to work...

From PaulP: 18mm Napoleonic Saxon Command Stand (24 points)

Paul sends in this beautiful command stand of two mounted Napoleonic Saxon officers in 1812 era uniforms.

These are both 15mm AB castings (18mm to some). The figure on the left was originally an Austrian command figure. As you can read below, Paul has done impressive conversions on them both:

'I started by adding the saddle detail to the General as well as reshaping its rear. I gave him epaulettes and repositioned his hat to the later style (this was pinned into place). I then turned it into a French pattern bicorne while adding the Saxon style of national cockade and pin. The ADC was given an aiguillette made of wire and the ADC armband on the right side and rear.'

Amazing stuff...

These two give Paul a base of 12 points but I'm going to award him the same again for these finely done conversions. Well done Paul!

From FranL: 20mm Soviet Command & Mortars (86 points)

These Russians have apparently been deployed on a hockey rink.
Here we have a 20mm WWII Soviet Command and two stands of 82mm mortars from Fran. 

Igor, quick, range in on that Hitlerite zamboni!
All of these models are from The Plastic Soldier Company except for the officer in the fur hat who is a Britannia casting. The command unit is composed of the said fellow in the fur hat, three PTRD rifles (two deployed and one moving) and assorted flunkies, er, I mean patriots. The 82mm mortars are, well y'know, mortars that are, um, 82mm. 

These twenty one figures with mortars will give Fran 86 points. Great work Francis!

From KentG: 15mm Marder & 28mm Roman Archers (84 points)

Kent pushes along with his convincing lead and sends in this mixed group of entries. The first is a unit of twelve Roman Western archers.

These are 28mm Wargames Foundry castings. Again, very nice basework.

Next is three Marder IIs in late-war dot-pattern 'ambush' camouflage. 

These are 15mm Battlefront models.

This lot will add 84 points to Kent's impressive total. He now has broken the 1000 point threshold! Great work!