Thursday, January 5, 2012

From ChrisP: 15mm WWII German Recon and Anti-Tank Guns (112 points)

Chris sends in this great group of German PAK guns and recce vehicles for use with 'Flames of War'.

These are from the 15mm Battlefront range of models. I was commiserating with Chris about how bloody flat and boring Panzer Grey can be (and tricky to highlight). He decided to put in the road terrain piece so the 8-rads would not blend too much into the background.

German armoured cars emerging from some Escheresque nightmare landscape...

Chris' dog, Jose, took it upon himself to make a pre-emptive strike for the Allies and gave a good gnaw to the German command stand below. So its Iron Crosses all around and an officer and signaler from the depot are being brought up as a replacements... 

These guys (minus 'Headless Mein Herr and Company') will give Chris 112 points. Bravo! Now get back to work...


  1. Pet's are the bain of wargamers!!!! My cat's steal my figs!!!

    The Panzer Grey looks fine to me, got to love Puma's though.

  2. nice work Chris I find panzer grey and interesting one to paint, I think you've done a nice good job

  3. Great painting! dig you give the dog a swift kick in the nuts?? I would've!!


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