Thursday, January 5, 2012

From FranL: 20mm Soviet Command & Mortars (86 points)

These Russians have apparently been deployed on a hockey rink.
Here we have a 20mm WWII Soviet Command and two stands of 82mm mortars from Fran. 

Igor, quick, range in on that Hitlerite zamboni!
All of these models are from The Plastic Soldier Company except for the officer in the fur hat who is a Britannia casting. The command unit is composed of the said fellow in the fur hat, three PTRD rifles (two deployed and one moving) and assorted flunkies, er, I mean patriots. The 82mm mortars are, well y'know, mortars that are, um, 82mm. 

These twenty one figures with mortars will give Fran 86 points. Great work Francis!


  1. Nothing for the superb mortars (technically artillery) my friend..........

  2. Sure, I've just given you an additional point per tube. :)

  3. Where are the mortars? Russian mortars are BIG!

    Very nice models, Fran. I like a lot the chap with the rabbit er... fur hat.

    Best regards.

  4. Darned Bolsheviks get everywhere. Come on Fran where are the proper sized mortars eh!

  5. It's all the gits give you in the box.......


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