Monday, January 3, 2022

Kalista, Leshevult Priestess for 'Moonstone'

First, Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope 2022 brings the very best to you all.

Here is Kalista, a priestess of Leshevult in the whimsical game of 'Moonstone'. Our group as been enjoying a lot of Moonstone over the past few months, having great fun with all the varied characters and scenarios. Sarah and Natasha have been working as a team, often running this trio of witch sisters from the 'A Witch in Time' boxed set.

Zorya 'The Dawn Witch', Antonia 'The Noonday Witch', and Danica 'The Dusk Witch'
To be clear, these lasses are not for points as I painted them earlier this summer (and still need to properly feature them), but I thought I'd show them off to you so you can see how fun the sculpts are.

These ladies use a lot of blood magic for their mischief, which, as you can imagine, is quite nasty as it requires a fair bit of self-harm and oodles of magical power. They often end up too weakened, and are then susceptible to other troupes' attacks later in the game.

Well, now we have Kalista who can ally to the witches, providing them with both healing spells and additional arcane energy. This will alter the dynamic of their troupe, and I look forward to how  the girls adapt their tabletop strategies to use her.

I found the raw casting of Kalista to be rather dull and not very dynamic, but, like many first-homely minis, I warmed to her as the colours went on. Being a druidic priestess, I thought I'd paint her in natural tones, perhaps amped-up for additional colour on the tabletop. 

Thanks for dropping in for a look!

- Curt