Monday, May 2, 2011

Napoleonic British Rifle Skirmishers

(Note: This post is from the first Painting Challenge, May 2011)
Well I dug deep and this is what I could manage to get done this weekend for the Napoleonic Painting Challenge finish line. The piece of terrain they are on is the Plowed Field from 'Architects of War'.

Here is a mix of 19 Foundry and Perry Riflemen that I've based up for skirmishing duty. I actually had 20 primed and ready to go but one forgot to decamp from the spray booth. He'll be written up for that...

Some of you may remember my moaning and whining about the ubiquitous 95th Rifles and so you'll be chuckling that this what I scraped up for my last entry. Below is my unit of formed-up Rifles which I've portrayed as doubling-out into line formation.

With this group of 19 places me at 124 points total. Nonetheless, after all that, John has still pipped me by 10 points! Congratulations John (you bugger)!