Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic Italian Horse Artillery (18 points)

From Ben:
A long time between drinks!
Work and family has occupied most of my time lately, and now I have study to add to the list!
Here's the latest (and possibly last?) entry for the challenge; Napoleonic Italian horse artillery for the Borodino IV Corps project I'm working on for our 2014 big January game.
The figures are a head-swap conversion using the bodies of Italeri  horse gunners and the heads from Zvezda light infantry. 
The Italeri gunners are a little too grand with their colpacks, so I traded them for shakos with plumes and cords. Still a bit fancy, but more to my preference!

Great to hear from you again, Ben! Lovely stuff this. It's quite interesting, this year's Challenge has seen quite a few Italian-themed Napoleonics, which has been a great diversion from the regular fare. Also, very nice work with the head swaps. In regards to their fanciness, you do have to remember they are Italians - they have appearances to keep up!

This battery and its accoutrements will give Ben 18 points. Well done!

From JuanM: 28mm Mechanic & Contractors (15 points)

From Juan:
Another small entry for The Challenge; only three figures. Where is all my painting work? 
First one, is a "Lead Adventure Miniatures" mechanics in 28mm (a big 28mm). I'm painting some of these excellent figures to use with a near future game. 
Next one, other two contractors from "Eureka Miniatures" also in 28mm, from their "Blackwater" series. Very nice figures.

Perhaps not much quantity, Juan, but you more than make up for it in the quality. Beautiful work. That mechanic looks a bit hapless but those 'contractors' seem to have their act together. As you say, very nice figures.

These three figures will give Juan 15 points. Great stuff!

From MilesR: 28mm Sherman Tank (15 points)

From Miles:
I got a chance to finish up a 28mm Sherman tank in between helping my son mill parts for the new robot design - if only I could turn metal shavings into 28mm miniature soldiers!
This is a Warlord model of a US Sherman tank (M4-A1) and will become part of my Bolt Action US force.   The model was OK but had a lot of flash.  
I'll likely add some sand bags or other stowage but wanted to get the "finished" model in as the days of the painting challenge are waining.

Great work Miles! The weathering looks very good (and you can also add the extra stowage later).

This fine Sherman will give Miles 15 points, bringing him ever-closer to his 1K target...