Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From JuanM: 28mm Mechanic & Contractors (15 points)

From Juan:
Another small entry for The Challenge; only three figures. Where is all my painting work? 
First one, is a "Lead Adventure Miniatures" mechanics in 28mm (a big 28mm). I'm painting some of these excellent figures to use with a near future game. 
Next one, other two contractors from "Eureka Miniatures" also in 28mm, from their "Blackwater" series. Very nice figures.

Perhaps not much quantity, Juan, but you more than make up for it in the quality. Beautiful work. That mechanic looks a bit hapless but those 'contractors' seem to have their act together. As you say, very nice figures.

These three figures will give Juan 15 points. Great stuff!


  1. the contractors look ace, I am not sure I would want that mechanic working on my car :)
    Peace James

  2. Good work, the mechanic is certainly characterful

  3. Great work once again Juan - they look great. I love the mechanic in particular - very cool.

  4. For some reason the mechanic draws me, the contractors are excellent but thumbletoes does it for me


  5. More works of art, nice one Juan!

  6. Great character work on the mechanic and the contractors look cool :)

  7. Thank you a lot all of you. The models from "Lead Adventures" are fantastic!

  8. Lovely work! The mechanic, particularly his slightly over-sized hands, puts me in mind of Wallace and Grommit...


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