Friday, January 10, 2014

From PeterD: 28mm War of 1812 American Light Dragoons (60 points)

Peter accelerates his pace with this excellent unit of American light dragoons from the War of 1812.

From Peter:
My next entry for the painting challenge are these 6 members of the US 2nd Light Dragoons.  They will serve as a small unit in my war of 1812 Black Powder base games.  The figures are Perry Miniatures plastic French Dragoons, from the same box that provided the light infantry unit the Trojan Greens.  Conversion work was minimal - I trimmed off the Plastron of the jacket otherwise everything else was paint work.

The French dragoon sword is really too heavy for light dragoons but it works.  I retained the dragoon muskets instead of rigging carbines, I also used an arm from the dismounted figures so that one trooper carries a firearm in hand.  I don't have a lot of info on the horse furniture (I love that term, it makes me think of equine recliners) but i think the French sheepskin and shabraque works ok.  I really enjoyed painting these figures, especially the horses.  However, my patience is not really up to the task of the assembly and gluing as I always rush things to get to the good stuff (the painting).
There were two regiments of US light dragoons and between the two of them detachments served at mos of the actions of the War of 1812.  likely their best moment was at Crysler's farm where the 2nd charged British regulars.  They were repulsed by fire but their action allowed most of the artillery to get away.

Excellent work Peter! I must admit I'm a bit amazed at your output during this Challenge. It must have something to do with your daughter going to university halfway across the country this autumn! I look forward to eviscerating these Yanks on the tabletop...

These American light dragoons will give Peter 60 points and I see he has several others waiting in the wings so stay tuned for those.

From AndrewS: Banshee, Druid, Gyrocopter Dwarf & Nubians (115 points)

From Andrew:
Another entry as I begin to clear the desk of some side projects. While I don’t do fantasy gaming systems I am always drawn to some of the figures in this genre as they allow me to have a bit of fun, with the painting. The first two figures are from the Northstar Celtic legends Box set. 
The first is a Banshee (above), I wanted this to be a bit brighter in the colour palette and went for a deep purple shade for the flowing dress, set against a pallid skin tone, and deep green hair. This is definitely a heroic scale figure being 60mm from base to top of head and approx 34mm from foot to eye. Set off with a rather vibrant base.
Next up is a druid from the same set this time 28mm scale, I went with muted tones as I wanted this to have the feel of an RPG character, So I used a woodland colour palette throughout and set it off with a woodland base of leaves and heath. This could easily be used in a D&G game as a wise old wizard of one sort or another.

Finally is an old metal Games Workshop Dwarf and Gyrocopter, I picked this up a while back it has languished unloved for about 2 years in a lead pile. This matches perfectly with another I already own and I have based Identically, The base is a flight stick converted to hold a rare earth magnet so it can be detached for storage, This is mounted over a homemade rock outcrop base to give the impression it is flying above craggy ground. A great fun piece to paint originally this was going to be my vehicle submission but my plans have changed for that now.

I've also managed to get a couple of hours in on the Nubians during the week and completed The Army general stand and another warband. All these figures are 1/72nd plastic from Hat except where noted. 
The command stand is 5 figures containing a mix of Hat and Caesar figures, In Hail Caesar this commander will always be attached to the division with the Royal guards so it was a bit fiddly but 3 of the figures got the leopard skins to signify this fact. Green loin guards were used as he will also be the 1st divisions commander. Again I have gone with a larger but more scenic base to keep in character with the one I have already completed.
The next unit is a 16 figure warband is the first of four that will be in the second division. Again these needed some conversion work to equip figures with spears, nothing too complicated. I have continued with the two colour work and using the coloured loin guards to distinguish units. I have used the stippled effect for the shields again, which at this scale does nicely represent hide. Basing to match the existing warbands, so small rocky areas on these.

Wow, what an eclectic set of figures. I really like the skin tones on the Banshee and the Druid is wonderfully hoary and astride a suitably verdant setting. Your Nubians continue to impress, especially with their basing which does so much to tie them all together. Great work.

This group of figures will give Andrew 115 points.

From AlanD: 15mm WWII German Anti-Tank Guns (20 points)

From Alan:
Here are a couple of 15mm PaK 38s from Forged in Battle. These will help to boost the anti tank capability of my Panzergrenadiers in Battle Group Kursk, so as well as gaining me a few extra points against Paul, they should also contribute to some of his burning tanks in our next game.

You may notice that the barrel of one of the guns is a bit wonky. This gun is cursed. I think I dropped in eight times while painting the damn thing, and at least four of these accidents involved the barrel bending or breaking off, or one or more of the crew figures coming off the base. Hopefully it will perform better in battle.
Alan, I think you'll be proved right, that borked gun will probably be a veritable 88 on the table. (And in that Paul will be hard pressed not to pick it up and finish the job you failed to do while painting it!)

These two guns with their crews will give Alan 20 points as he draws ever nearer to his 500 point goal. Great work!