Sunday, March 20, 2011

From JohnM: 28mm Front Rank British Heavy Dragoons

'Well, I do say. Who are all those foreign chaps with the pointy sticks? Haw! Haw! Oh dear.'
Well, JohnM didn't let my smack-talk go for too long unanswered. Here is two thirds of the Union Brigade, the 1st (Royals) and the 6th (Inniskillings) to be precise. Each stand represents a squadron. He just has the 2nd (Scots Greys) left and the brigade will be ready to dash itself to pieces with a snuf-snorting Ponsonby at the lead!

These are 28mm Front Rank castings with a GMB flag with nice cords. A great unit!

This unit will bring John a respectable 24 points for the Painting Challenge. Enough to put himself in first and shut me up, to be sure.