Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From RayR: 'I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm Okay' 15mm French & Indian Wars Quebec Militia

Well, these are much, much better than 'Okay'. Ray sends in these twenty Quebec militia to add to his French & Indian Wars collection.

 These are 15mm Essex castings.

Essex currently does not make officers for these models so Ray's going to have to bodge something together to get that sorted out.

These twenty lads will add 60 points to his total! Well done, Ray!

From Curt: 28mm Norman Archers (60 points)

Have you ever had those figures that just sit on your table, half-completed for months on end? You know, the ones that you started with the best intentions of cracking off in a few days? But the days turn to weeks, the weeks to months, and as time wears on you slowly begin to loath them. Sometimes these same figures act as that inexplicable 'block' where you can't move on to get other stuff done because these are just sitting there, staring you in the face. For me its been these freakin' Norman archers...

Its not that I hate the figures, because I don't. They are nice Gripping Beast castings. I dunno what it is, but I can tell you one thing: I'm certainly happy to see the backs of them! I was hoping to do a little more detail work on a few but I really can't bear it. One good thing that came from working on these is that I experimented using GWs 'Devlan Mud' as a alternate to the AP Dip effect. I admit I was a bit heavy-handed with its application but I liked the effect it gave on the whole. I certainly appreciated the quick drying time as I usually like to motor-along when I'm painting. I think I'll give it another go with an upcoming group to see how it works without me being so angry.

So, sixty excruciating points for me... 

Now, on to other things. I think I have a hankering for some Colonial Brits and perhaps some 20mm Vietnam stuff for 'Force on Force'...

From MilesR: 15mm WWII German Nebelwerfer and Jagdpanther (86 points)

Its been a while since we heard from Miles but he's been very busy supporting his son in his robotics competitions. (So when 'SKYNET' becomes self-aware you all know who to blame...)

First up is a battery of three German Nebelwerfer rocket launchers and crew. These are 15mm castings from (I believe) Battlefront.

Next is that perennial favourite: a German Jagdpanther. This too is a 15mm Battlefront model. Miles has done a very nice job with the late-war camouflage.  

...and the preferred parking space for any discerning heavy panzer commander, a wrecked building -again,  preferably one without a basement...

These guys will give Miles 86 points. Nice to have you back, Miles!