Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From Curt: 28mm Norman Archers (60 points)

Have you ever had those figures that just sit on your table, half-completed for months on end? You know, the ones that you started with the best intentions of cracking off in a few days? But the days turn to weeks, the weeks to months, and as time wears on you slowly begin to loath them. Sometimes these same figures act as that inexplicable 'block' where you can't move on to get other stuff done because these are just sitting there, staring you in the face. For me its been these freakin' Norman archers...

Its not that I hate the figures, because I don't. They are nice Gripping Beast castings. I dunno what it is, but I can tell you one thing: I'm certainly happy to see the backs of them! I was hoping to do a little more detail work on a few but I really can't bear it. One good thing that came from working on these is that I experimented using GWs 'Devlan Mud' as a alternate to the AP Dip effect. I admit I was a bit heavy-handed with its application but I liked the effect it gave on the whole. I certainly appreciated the quick drying time as I usually like to motor-along when I'm painting. I think I'll give it another go with an upcoming group to see how it works without me being so angry.

So, sixty excruciating points for me... 

Now, on to other things. I think I have a hankering for some Colonial Brits and perhaps some 20mm Vietnam stuff for 'Force on Force'...


  1. oh yes . I recognise that - i still have some from 8 years ago.....

    Great job Curt overcoming the "block"

    And i recommend Valljeo Sepia wash over Devlan mud.. for one thing it comes in a 200ml jar! for me about the price of tow-three lots of Devlan..

  2. I get that a lot, the challenge has helped clear some stuff, good work as well.....

  3. Thanks guys! Dave, I'll certainly give your sepia idea a go - always happy to try new things. Fran, I'm very pleased that the Challenge has provided some motivation for you. That's always been my intent with it.

  4. Ohhh yes I've had my share of table squatters and so I well and truly understand!
    Very nice painting btw and wash worked a treat and you already know how much I like my experiment with it!


  5. Know the feeling - there are half-finished batches staring me in the face with just a month of challenge left to push through them...

  6. I also have some sitting there each time i open the cupboard they give me an evil look as i move along to the next group. They have come up nice great job

  7. I can sympethise with units that you start and then.... yes, well !

    These turned out very well. I love the guys with the sideways held bow. Very 'gangsta' - clearly a man ahead of his time ;-)

  8. Yes, indeed.

    'Yo, Yo, Yo! Respect the Normans or we'll snap an arrow in your @ss.'

  9. Great painting Curt!! And I've gotta agree with everything everyone's said! Even Francis TAL!!!!

  10. Great paint job!

    I add another vote in support of the GW washes over Army Painter. I use sepia for any figure wearing armor (my romans) and "Ogryn Flesh" for, well you guessed it, flesh.

    While pricey, I like the effect of the different tones and it both drys fast and doesn't have the toxic like fumes of the AP product.

    For smaller scale figs (15mm of less) I use the devlan mud of black wash.

    As for painters block, I have some 28mm US paratroopers that have been half done now for at least two years!

  11. Awesome stuff as always dude.
    For me, the main paint block is always artillery. I HATE painting artillery...

  12. I have had that feeling, Curt, and some models waiting, and waiting and waiting.

    I like a lot the wash effect; I have used it with some figures (one of them the old woman) but very diluted in water, to have only a very tin shade.

    A very nice job with your Archers.


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