Saturday, January 5, 2013

From JamesB: F&IW Natives and Highlanders; AWI Colonials and Regulars & SYW Prussian Cavalry (290 points)

Here is a staggering entry from James (I'm having serious sense of déjà vu of Kent's work from last year).

From James:

First for today is two canoes these are for the French Indian War from Conquest miniatures I have one Indian and one rangers after painting these I wanted to try a water base it took 48h but I am happy with the result.
Next up the Pipes and Drums for the Highlanders and the Standards, completed these at the same time as the others but was waiting for the flags to arrive.

We also have 6 Indians from Perry miniatures who seen to be a little more colonized that the others but are also bow armed.

12 Minutemen from Foundry painted very irregular as opposed to the 6 American Colonial regulars again from Foundry.

Next the second Hussar unit for my Dads Prussians, these I had to paint because the Deaths-head unit was my favorite of my Dads 15mm Prussians when I was a kid. I even did a bit of freehand on them (not my strong point).

Really lovely work James, and made even more impressive with your amazing speed of production. It's too bad we don't have Kent in the mix this year as it would have been interesting to pit the two of you against one another.

This collection will give James a very impressive 290 points, which vaults him into the lead postion in the points standings. Great stuff James!

From TimG: 20mm WWII Soviet T-34 & BA-6 (52 points)

From Tim:
20mm T34s by Armourfast.
A quick painting session got this pair of T34s finished. They are Armourfast kits and so haven't taken very long from start to completion. I managed to resist my usual urge to add markings and both have been left in an overall green finish.  The commander figure is a cut-down Britannia casting.

These 1/72 kits were bought at the Partizan show in September 2010 and built about a year later. Only a year and a bit further on here they are finally painted! I really like these 6-wheeled armoured cars and the Pegasus kit is an easy way to get a really nice model. Markings have been kept to a minimum and one car has a Britannia commander.
Nice! I really like the look of the BA-6 cars as well. They have that inter-war ungainly dorkiness about them that is oddly charming (if an armoured car can be charming).

These four vehicles will give a base of 48 points and I'll add 4 points for the commanders.

From TamsinP: 28mm Vikings (120 points)

From Tamsin:

As my third entry for the Challenge, I present a bunch of naughty Norsemen. Figures are 28mm plastics from Gripping Beast, based individually for Saga. 

The shields are handpainted (and I do know that a couple need to be touched up - curse close up pics!). I do have some shield transfers, but prefer the handpainted look - a lot of the designs on the transfers are clearly intended for shields hanging up in the feasting halls rather than for fighting.

All parts received at least a basecoat and a wash. As you can see, they are wearing their best fighting tunics so do look a little bit more colourful than your typical Dark Ages mob. 

Oh, and if anybody thinks pink is a girly colour....

Excellent work Tamsin, I quite like your basework. And, really, its more of a salmon colour than pink...

These 20 Norsemen will give Tamsin a base of 100 points but, like last year, I'm going to add a point per hand-painted shield in recognition of the extra effort required.

From JuanM: 28mm WWII SU-76 & U.S. Marines (40 points)

From Juan:

At last I have been able to finish my third entry for The Challenge.
The first one is a SU-76 in 28mm from "JTFM Enterprises". These models are really good, very fine and with aditional stowage!!! 
Secondly, I have painted the rest of my first US Marines squad from "Brigade Games".

Excellent job Juan! I agree those JTFM models are excellent and you've done a great job on this one. Also, you've really got the colours down for those Marines. Are these from using a guide from Warlord like your paratroopers?

The tank destroyer and the Marines will give Juan 40 points to add to his total.

From AndrewS: Ronin #1 (25 points)

From Andrew:
I received my Ronin yesterday from Kev at the cabin and set about painting and basing this immediately. After some internet searching I settled on a red and black theme with white undergarments embellished with a pattern. The figure is a 28mm Dixon figure.

To create my version of Ronin #1,  I sculpted a scenic base and poured the water effect knowing that I could decorate the water and get another layer onto it late last night thus sealing the images between the layers. 

I left the armour in gloss varnish as all my searches showed the Lacquered armour to be highly polished. Overall the figure and base took about 7 hours to complete.

Andrew, the addition of the koi pond is off the hook. I love the composition of this figure.

Andrew will get the base 20 points for his Ronin levy but I'm adding another 5 for the custom base. Wonderful job and thank you!

From TimG: 1:285 WWII Japanese Artillery & Armour (18 points)

More microscale WWII Japanese for Tim's collection. This time artillery and armour.

From Tim:
To assist my 6mm Japanese in their quest for world (or at least regional) domination, I have provided them with these mighty artillery units. The 75mm Infantry Guns may not be the most feared weapons but these chaps look as if they know what they're doing.  The larger gun being towed (by another GHQ Isuzu lorry) is a Heroics & Ros model of a Polish 75mm gun.  Don't tell the Japs.

This rather larger gun is a Scotia model - I found it at the bottom of a box of stuff so it's origins are shrouded in mystery! Whatever it was intended to be, it certainly looks the part and my Japs are very pleased to have it.
There are 1/285 scale GHQ castings of the later 'Shinhoto' version of the Type 97 medium tank. Rather than the stubby 57mm gun of the opriginal, this had a longer 47mm gun which was easily capable of punching a hole in a dry paper bag.

Great work Tim, I really like the camouflage on the tanks (they'll need all the help they can get). Are the little tabs on the rear-left of the bases magnetic for labels?

These forces for the Emperor will give Tim 18 points.