Saturday, January 5, 2013

From JohnM: 28mm Dark Age Early Saxons (50 points)

John is getting prepared to try out the Dux Britanniarum campaign system and is in the process of completing his Early Saxon warband. 

From John:

My next submission is quite small, just 9 figures, but some extra work has gone into the Saxon command stand. These are all Gripping Beast figures.
I am looking quite forward to trying out the campaign system offered in Dux Britanniarum, the new Dark Ages ruleset from Two Fat Lardies. The game is set 4-5 centuries prior to the period of the SAGA ruleset, but I felt I could use my SAGA Vikings for Saxons. You can see the army in the background of the first photo. The hoard trays are from Warbases UK. I will have more about this on my blog in a couple of days.
I did need 9 more figures though to complete the starter army. The command figures are from the Early Saxon range. I just could not resist the Saxon lord with the two heads in hand! The game requires a commander and two sub-commanders as well a champion (the one with the red and blue shield). The banner is from LBMS Saxon range, it was hard to make a choice from the sheet. The Saxon Lord is on a 60mm base and the sub-commanders and champion are on 30 mm bases.

I also needed 4 more elite warriors, and for these I picked another set of Joms-Vikings. These are by far the best figures I have seen from the Gripping Beast range. An absolute joy to paint. 

All the figures were primed white and then airbrushed with GW Boltgun Metal. I should have another submission in a couple of days, no metal on these guys though!
You've done a beautiful job on these Saxons John! There certainly will be no mistaking which is the command stand in this force!

This warband will give John a base of 45 points but I'm adding another 5 for the Warlord's basework and banner, so 50 total. 


  1. Very nice looking figures, I am still holding off but seeing such well painted figs just weakens my resolve


  2. Excellent figures, love the standard, top work Sir!

  3. great work good choice with the flag its stunning


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