Saturday, January 5, 2013

From MikeW: 15mm WWII American Infantry (100 points)

From Mike:
Remember I said that was it for the US 15mms? 
I, um, lied :D
Two more batches, in fact! The first (first three pictures) is four 4-man M1919 .30cal sections, three 2-man mortar teams, three snipers, two FOOs and a couple more 3 man command stands, for a total of 33. The second (last picture) is four M1917A1 5-man MMG teams, and another command bases, for a total of 23, and a grand total of 56. Same general details as before - Army Painter + Vallejo paints, Tamiya textured paint + Javis grass (and a couple of Army Painter tufts and a resin rock). 

That really /is/ it for the US. Next up, some Germans! (and an Amazon order for a small portable light tent and a better tripod, since it appears I'm going to be doing a lot of figure photography this year!)

Great work Mike. Tamiya textured paint? Hmm, I have not heard of this product - sounds interesting. How do you find working with it?

These Yanks will give Mike a very tidy 100 points. 


  1. It's this stuff -

    Basically, you apply it with the end of a coffee stirrer or a spatula - it takes about 4 hours to dry, is the texture and colour of slightly gritty mud. My understanding is its paint with resin particles in it. Personally, I love it.

    1. Vallejo appear to do something similar at about half the price (well, the same price for twice the amount).

  2. More nice grunts for the grinder. Looking forward to the Germans


  3. good work bring on the Germans
    Peace James


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