Saturday, January 5, 2013

From TimG: 20mm WWII Soviet T-34 & BA-6 (52 points)

From Tim:
20mm T34s by Armourfast.
A quick painting session got this pair of T34s finished. They are Armourfast kits and so haven't taken very long from start to completion. I managed to resist my usual urge to add markings and both have been left in an overall green finish.  The commander figure is a cut-down Britannia casting.

These 1/72 kits were bought at the Partizan show in September 2010 and built about a year later. Only a year and a bit further on here they are finally painted! I really like these 6-wheeled armoured cars and the Pegasus kit is an easy way to get a really nice model. Markings have been kept to a minimum and one car has a Britannia commander.
Nice! I really like the look of the BA-6 cars as well. They have that inter-war ungainly dorkiness about them that is oddly charming (if an armoured car can be charming).

These four vehicles will give a base of 48 points and I'll add 4 points for the commanders.


  1. Nice Soviet kit, the BT-6's are also my pick of the bunch.


  2. Very nice armour. The colours are perfect!

  3. Really like the armoured cars, you're right Curt, they have an ungainly look to them.

  4. Hey
    Don't knock dorky charm - many of us would never reproduce without it. I too love to Acs.


  5. Very nice colours are just right

  6. Dorky charm sums it up nicely! I'm glad the green worked OK - it was a new paint I tried out after the demise of my last Humbrol green.


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