Saturday, January 5, 2013

From JamesB: F&IW Natives and Highlanders; AWI Colonials and Regulars & SYW Prussian Cavalry (290 points)

Here is a staggering entry from James (I'm having serious sense of déjà vu of Kent's work from last year).

From James:

First for today is two canoes these are for the French Indian War from Conquest miniatures I have one Indian and one rangers after painting these I wanted to try a water base it took 48h but I am happy with the result.
Next up the Pipes and Drums for the Highlanders and the Standards, completed these at the same time as the others but was waiting for the flags to arrive.

We also have 6 Indians from Perry miniatures who seen to be a little more colonized that the others but are also bow armed.

12 Minutemen from Foundry painted very irregular as opposed to the 6 American Colonial regulars again from Foundry.

Next the second Hussar unit for my Dads Prussians, these I had to paint because the Deaths-head unit was my favorite of my Dads 15mm Prussians when I was a kid. I even did a bit of freehand on them (not my strong point).

Really lovely work James, and made even more impressive with your amazing speed of production. It's too bad we don't have Kent in the mix this year as it would have been interesting to pit the two of you against one another.

This collection will give James a very impressive 290 points, which vaults him into the lead postion in the points standings. Great stuff James!


  1. A lot of output but at a high standard, well done


  2. Impressive work, James. And really nice miniatures!!!

  3. Wow that's some serious output, great job.

  4. My goodness James that is a staggering output and wonderfully done.

  5. Wow - that's some serious output - and all superbly done.

    Well done James!

  6. Really nice painting, and as everyone notes, am impressive output.

  7. Great stuff! Really like the Rangers and Indians in canoes.


  8. Beautiful work James, love the canoes!

  9. Excellent painting love the Prussia

  10. Great stuff James, FiW, AWI, one of my faves at the moments.
    Loving "Muskets & Tomahawks".
    Given me the inspiration to finish my Civilians at last.


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