Friday, March 8, 2013

From IanH: 28mm Pulp Adventure Models (120 points)

From Ian:
My first 4 entries once again stretch the gap between scenery and miniatures, in this case it's a pair of lovable and usually lost or stolen donkeys and some poor unfortunates which have come to a sticky end, these are all Plot Point Markers for one of the Pulp rulesets I use "Pulp Alley". The 2 dead guys are from the bits box, just spare perry miniatures and a little time with some putty and the 2 Donkeys are from Irregular miniatures I believe  picked them up at a show recently.

Next up is another repainted Matchbox Model of Yesteryear, this one is marked as a Ford AA Truck. I picked up this as it looked a bit more like an adventurers truck than some of my others and the canvas rear is removable to create more of a flatbed. A really nicely scaled model which looks great against 28mm miniatures. 
My next batch is a group of 8 North African/Indian Tribesmen, made from the wonderful Perry Ansar. My brother already has a load of these in the usual desert colours and I fancied something different for mine, after trawling the web for inspiration I hit across a load of shots of some desert tribes people apparently in Tunisia and I just had to capture the vibrant blues they wore.

Finally I've 10 Merchant Seamen from Brigade Miniatures in the states, these were a post Christmas impulse purchase around the time of the US postage increases and I managed to get them over to the UK for very little, the miniatures are great and full of character. They're armed with a mix of weapons, and will serve as everything from Boat crew to dockside ruffians. 

Looks like in my enthusiasm for the competition that I've purchased a few too many miniatures recently so I'll still have plenty left for next year. 
Beautiful work here Ian!  I agree that those Matchbox 'Yesteryear' vehicles are excellent (I've bought waaay too many on eBay). I love the shading on the donkeys, the Ansars look great in their vibrant blue robes  and that ship's crew look the business. Lovely stuff.

This collection of Pulp Adventure models will give Ian 120 points which places him tantalizingly close to his target. I hope he can push on to breach it.

From RayR: 15mm Killicrankie Command (69 points)

From Ray: 
Staying with the 15's for this entry. I've been painting up some commanders for the Battle of Killicrankie. 
The Williamite CnC, Lieutenant General Hugh Mackay
The Williamite 2nd in C - Colonel Bartholomew Balfour
3rd CinC,  David Melville 3rd Earl of Levan
Jacobite 2nd CinC, Col Alexander Cannon 

A spare leader

Sir John McLean
Sir Ewan Cameron
Sir Alexander MacLean
Michael"Galloping" Hoga (For Ireland)
The Jacobite CnC - John Graham, 7th Laird of Claverhouse, 1st Viscount Dundee
They're all Essex figures apart from No 4 who are Irregular miniatures.
Lovely work Ray! I quite like the plaid jacket on Sir Ewan and Graham's excellent bright yellow banner should draw the requisite amount of artillery fire from the Government forces.

These commanders will give Ray 69 points, drawing him within 100 points of Tamsin's current total. It's getting exciting as we near the final week!

From TimG: 1:72 Lancaster Heavy Bomber (18 points)

Another dodgy model back from near-death as part pf my Winter Aircraft Project, this Airfix Lancaster is the largest aircraft model I've dealt with since the 1970s!  

Some minor repairs were followed by a quick paint job - it's good enough for occaisional game use.
1970s? You're dating yourself Tim (and me for that matter).Yet another great piece of recovery work- well done! How many aircraft from this project does this make now? You've certainly had a great run with them.

This Lanc will give Tim 18 points, enough for him to break the 1K mark. Great job!

From GregB: 28mm Colonial Sudan British (160 points)

I was out to Winnipeg for work last week and had the great pleasure to get in a visit with Greg and his lovely wife. We got in a couple fun games but also spent a few nice evenings just sitting at the table painting figures and shooting the breeze. You'll see some new greyscale stuff from me over the next few days (the German Uhlans posted earlier being one), but below is some of the lovely models that spooled off of Greg's side of the dinner table during those few nights.

From Greg:
First component is 28mm British from Perry Miniatures outstanding Sudan collection.  Up to now my British have been concentrated on Graham's force around Suakin that fought at El Teb and Tamai, but I think the real dramatic high point in the campaign has to be the (futile) drive to save General Gordon in Khartoum. The Desert Column - built around the Camel Corps, of volunteers from almost every top unit in the British Army - was the star of the show, and they are my favourite British troops from the period - ammo bandoliers, bonkers swords bayonets, improvised scarfs etc to block off the pounding sun and goggles - I love the look of them. 

The bulk is 24 figures intended to represent the Light Regiment from the Camel Corps. There are a mix of skirmishing troops and firing line troops.

You end up with extras sometimes, so the next batch (six models only) is a start on representing another component from the Camel Corps - the Life Guards.  The Life Guards wore some red cloth twisted around the pugaree on their helmets to set themselves apart a bit. 

Finally a couple of loose extras - one is the guard from the Heliograph set.  Not sure why I didn't paint him when I finished the rest of the team years ago, but here he is. 

And then to switch periods completely there is an Austrian Hussar Sutleress - my attempt for the "Sarah's Choice" category of the competition. The model is from Foundry, part of a vignette set they had done called "Hussars mounting up".  The Sutleress would be among the camp followers accompanying the Austrian empire army to battle.  The figure will be a good vignette piece for the table top. 

Beautiful work Greg! I just love the figures you've done for this period and it's an absolute hoot to play with as well.

These thirty-two figures will give Greg 160 points, enough to pop him back into the Top Ten. Well done my friend!

The Great War in Greyscale: German Uhlan Command (20 points)

Here are two German Uhlan cavalrymen, an officer and his trumpeter, dressed in their dashing early war uniforms, wearing the distinctive flat-topped czapka helmet.

These 28mm castings are from Great War Miniatures. Very nice models to work with and quite elegant poses on the whole.

I made up a signpost for the officer's base, one sign pointing to Ieper (the local spelling of Ypres (thanks Nico!), or as the British called it: 'Wipers') and the other indicating the ultimate prize of the German advance: Paris.

These two cavalrymen will nudge me along with 20 points.