Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Yet more Whacky Pulp Adventurers and Ship Mat from Deep Cut Studios

I ran a Strange Aeons scenario for some of the Conscript lads last week. I based the game on a seemingly derelict whaling ship. The title of the adventure was: 

'The Mysterious Occurrences & Strange Events on the Whaling Ship Pequodrangle'

The fellas really got into the spirit of the game which goes a loooong way in scenarios like this and so we all had a great time. 

To make things a bit simpler, and to  get the game off the ground in short order, I decided to make up characters for each of the guys beforehand, playing to their personalities, backgrounds and sense of humour. For example, Manus 'Mug' MaEoghan, who I profiled last week, was created for Dallas who I suspected would enjoy 'Mug's' psychic abilities and his quirky IRA background. 

For Greg I decided to give him a manic guns 'n bombs team as I knew he'd appreciate the mayhem they could cause on the table. Here is short rundown on his group.

First up is the leader of the team, Major Sir Humphrey Birch aka 'Bark', Scots Guards, DSC and Bar, MC, ret. Sir Humphrey has been seconded to the League of Nations League to represent His Majesties' desire to have the United Kingdom play a leading role in the secret war against the Cthonic threat. 'Bark' has a long history of leading men in combat and is no shrinking violet when it comes to horrific missions. He is armed with his trusty Lewis Gun, 'Der Kaiser', which is always at his side and with which he is frighteningly proficient. Figure from Artizan Designs.

Sir Bark's batman is Fagan McBride aka 'McBoom' who is the team's demolitions 'expert'. 'McBoom' lost most of his face in a botched bomb disposal attempt and so often wears a gasmask to hide his horrific visage. We see him here hauling a jury-rigged fuel bomb to help 'confound and demolish' the enemy. 'Don't trip McBoom!' Figure from Musketeer's (now Footsore Miniatures) Inter-War range.

The third member of Sir Humphrey's team is James 'Jock' Campbell. A past member of the Scots Guards 'Jock' is a large, very dim-witted fellow (yes, it takes one to know one) but has one redeeming quality: he is quite proficient at using a wide variety of very large weapons, his current favourite being a Boys anti-tank rifle, which, as as a testament to his great strength, he can fire from the hip. Indeed, nothing ruins a Mi-Go's day like a wee .55 caliber anti-tank round through the brain-case. Casting from Pulp Figures.

The last figure is actually not from the game but a recent addition to the League. This is Christopher 'Crash' Higgins, big game hunter and private detective. We'll have to flesh the poor lad out before the next adventure. Miniature from Pulp Figures. 

Here are a few shots of the same scenario I ran previously for the guys at home. Please excuse the crap iPhone photos, but you can get an idea of the wonderful ship mats from Deep Cut Studios. Great stuff. 

The teams come aboard and go into overwatch (denoted by the yellow markers)

A team opens the door to the Captain's cabin and finds... a Formless Spawn. Note the red 'Oh Sh*t' exclamation mark...

Here you can see two of the decks on the table. There are three in total.
Zombies attempt to overwhelm and feed on one of the the adventurers. Nom, nom, nom...
Action in the middle deck. Blood spatters mark where previous action has occurred. The yellow 'WTF?' question mark denotes 'a place of mystery'. Very, very scary...