Tuesday, February 19, 2019

1/300 Freighter and Explosion Markers

We've been enjoying 'Cruel Seas' and so I thought I'd finally finish the freighter that came with the initial expanded release. So, I give you a poor stricken freighter, with a violent explosion amidships, soon to be added to the tonnage tally of a luck U-Boat captain.

For the water spume effect I used the same 3D fractal model explosion that I used a few years ago for my exploding Star Wars ships

I sectioned the fractal model into several pieces, switched them around, affixed the four 'boom bits' to pennies (to add a bit of weight) and was off to the races.

The airbrush made fairly short work of them, with only a few layers of green and white added with the brush. Blamo-Presto: Water Explosions!

The freighter is fairly stock work, but I did drill out the stern deck to provide a magnetised mounting for a deck gun to be swapped in if a scenario required it. Sadly, the painting is a bit uninspired (I blame the rush to finally get it finished) and it frankly shows. Nonetheless, it's done and we have a juicy target for future torpedo/bomb runs.

Thanks for dropping in folks!