Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Neo-Soviet Post-Apocalyptic Infantry from Copplestone Castings

Few things warm the cockles of a misanthrope's heart than entertaining an apocalyptic vision of the future. As a little diversion, I've been working on a few more 'After-They-Drop-The-Big-One' figures with the idea that we might do some alternate skirmish gaming this  coming autumn. 

I'm thinking of using these in a setting similar to that of the novel 'Metro 2033', where most of the action will take place in the ruined subway arteries of cities such as Moscow, St Petersburg, London, Paris, etc.

These models are from Copplestone Castings' Future Wars range. The fellows with the steroided PPSh41s and the whacky-but-cool drum-fed DShKM are from the 'Neo-Sov' packs while the others are sourced from the Partisans and Scavengers.

I've put the squad leaders on hex bases so they're easier to identify on he table.
All of these figures were great to work with. Smooth, hefty castings, with very nice animation and almost no cleanup required.

Similar to my previously posted Lead Adventure 'Road Guards', I've decided to paint these up in a motley assortment of cammo patterns, but also have included some well-used civilian gear for colour.

I have another squad of these waiting in the painting rack, along with a bunch of Lead Adventure castings. But more on that later. Next, I'll switch gears (again) and roll out some stuff that is a little past due...