Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From ChristopherS: 28mm Seven Years War Russian Regiment Apcheronski (95 points)

Well, its been a night of pike, cannone & shotte (and units with odd names) and we end it with this wonderful regiment of Seven Years War Russian troops painted and arrayed by Christopher.

From Christopher:
This is my second entry into the competition a Russian regiment of the Seven Years War. I had hoped to be painting faster, but things just always take longer then I expect.
The unit that stands before you is the Apcheronski Regiment which for many Russian Seven Years fans is a must do unit as they have a very distinctive trade mark. The gaiters on Russian regiments are normally white or black, but the Apcheronski Regiment fought so hard at the battle of Kunersdorf they were said to have stood "knee deep in blood" and so are allowed to wear red gaiters. The red I used for the gaiters was more of a dried blood(maroon) which I also did for the red leather parts.
The figures are from Wargames Foundry with a mix of older and newer versions. I prefer the older range to the newer one, but will happily mix the two. It's a good thing Wargames Foundry has made changes in management and brought back their older ranges which are brilliant coupled with the new pricing and the old buy x and get x free deals has really put Foundry back in my good graces. Since their paints are my favorite coupled with what is now once again a huge amount of lovely figures to choose from at what are now at least affordable rates has put on smile on my face.
The unit was painted using mostly Foundry paints with some Vallejo. The standards are from GMB designs and are great as always.
On to the next unit as to what I'm not sure yet......typical of me I know.

Well, that's just a gorgeous unit of troops. Well done Christopher! I also quite enjoyed reading the background on the regiment's distinction of wearing red gaiters - very cool.

This SYW regiment will give Christopher 95 points which includes a little extra for those grand banners and the lovely groundwork.

From RayR: 15mm Jacobite Foot - MacGillicuddy's Regiment (40 points)

From Ray:
Here's my third entry into the challenge, 15mm once more, an 18 figure Jacobite foot regt for my Grand Alliance Jacobite army, this is the 12th foot regt and my last Jacobite foot regt.....until I feel the need for more that is!!!! 
The figures are once again from Essex Minis and are based up for Beneath the Lilly Banners 2, and of course the flags are my own. I have made flags for another few regts and it was a toss of the coin as to what would be No 12, MacGillicuddy's won!

Well, you just can't beat the name can you? Awesome job Ray. As I mentioned when you sent these in, the grey coats with the red facings is very smart looking and the banners, as usual, are excellent as well.

These lads will give Ray 40 points to add to his total getting allowing him to hopscotch past Fran. Nice one! 

From Seb: 15mm Thirty Years War Infantry 'The Beautiful Loesers' (48 points)

From Seb:
My sixth entry is still about the Thirty Years War. But this time, it's not a French regiment, but a Saxon one. The flags, which I downloaded from Grisby Wargame Society, and resized, are meant to represent the Loeser infantry regiment. 
Sadly, the regiment became imperialist when Saxony switched sides (but not Bernard of Saxe-Weimar), so technically, it's incorrect. But then it's hard enough to find proper flags. Anyway, what you have here is a full 19 minis regiment from Old Glory, and a regimental gun plus two crews from Museum. 
I painted these guys in red for two reasons: first, since the veterans fought alongside the Swedes, they might have taken the habit of wearing uniforms, And second, i want to be able to field them as commanded shot for my Parlementarian army in our FOG-R competition.

'Beautiful Loesers'. Ged it? Ged it? ...Tough crowd, tough crowd... Seriously, this a beautiful unit Seb. I really like the addition of the regimental gun (something that should be more common in many regiments of this and the later horse and musket period).

The Loesers will give 48 points including a few for the great banners. 

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic French Infantry (26 points)

From Ben:
I've been down at the beach for the past week, but in between surfing with the kids, I've managed to finish another 9 figure battalion of 1/72nd Schilling French infantry.
The officer is a ring-in, though: He's an SHQ figure added to give a bit of variety. The fusilier in the pokalem is a conversion using specially made conversion heads from a French manufacturer called Lancier Bleu.

Next up will be some HaT figures painted as Conscripts of the Italian Guard and a Late Roman Command stand.

Well Ben, I'm certainly glad this didn't interrupt your surfing too much... Cheeky SOB! Seriously, great work! Nice touch with the head swap. The forage cap trooper accentuates the overall campaign feel to the unit.

These lads will give Ben 26 points, including the head mod. Well done.

From RobP: 28mm ACW Union Infantry 'Irish Brigade' (124 points)

Rob, the second member of the Dutch Waterbicycle Detachment throws his hat into the ring with this fine regiment of the Fighting Irish, the 88th New York. 

From Rob:

Here is my first entry: the 88th New York. I have been overloaded with work at year end and also the fact these are Redoubt figures did not help in getting up to speed... The molds are getting really old on these figs I guess; a lot of filing, cutting and filling gaps has been necessary.
Now that the colour scheme is clear, and the the figures that needed the most work done, I will be on a roll with the next stuff and catch up to my time schedule. This bunch is part of what will be the entire Irish Brigade which I plan to paint up  over the coming weeks. I already have one regiment done but it was outside the competition timeframe. 
Next up is the 69th New York along with some odd stuff, bits and pieces... 

Those greatcoated lads look riled and ready to storm Marye's Heights - brilliant stuff! 

These Irishmen, with their brave banners will give Rob 124 points as his entry in the points standings.