Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Jacobite Foot - MacGillicuddy's Regiment (40 points)

From Ray:
Here's my third entry into the challenge, 15mm once more, an 18 figure Jacobite foot regt for my Grand Alliance Jacobite army, this is the 12th foot regt and my last Jacobite foot regt.....until I feel the need for more that is!!!! 
The figures are once again from Essex Minis and are based up for Beneath the Lilly Banners 2, and of course the flags are my own. I have made flags for another few regts and it was a toss of the coin as to what would be No 12, MacGillicuddy's won!

Well, you just can't beat the name can you? Awesome job Ray. As I mentioned when you sent these in, the grey coats with the red facings is very smart looking and the banners, as usual, are excellent as well.

These lads will give Ray 40 points to add to his total getting allowing him to hopscotch past Fran. Nice one! 


  1. Impressively done, as always. Cleanly painted and excellent basing. Best, Dean

  2. Great stuff Ray.
    Also - best, name,ever.

  3. As ever, a great looking regiment. Seeing as you have done the flags already, you will just have to get the rest ;-)


  4. Phew! I'm out of the Ray-Fran sandwich! *relief*

    And if my legs are long enough, I might even be able to improve on Anne's suggestion and get them both in the crackers ;)

    Lovely work Ray, but I doubt this will be your last Jacobite regiment - you won't want to let all those flags you've made go to waste!

  5. nice! I am a fan of the Essex stuff myself - seems an age since i painted some - time to root through the mountain

  6. Ray, as always, you make the Lace Wars look even sexier. Not that I would want to see you all in lace, that would never look sexy. Keep climbing your way up the ladder, mate!


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