Thursday, March 27, 2014

Challenge V Entries in Retrospect

I've really been enjoying the galleries that many of the Challenge participants have posted on their blogs which display all the figures they submitted during the three months of the event. So in spirit of joining the fun, I thought I'd kick in with my own little retrospective of what I managed to eke out during the Challenge. 

Also, while I have you, please stay tuned later this weekend as we begin selection for:
  • Challenger's Choice
  • People's Choice
  • Sarah's Choice
  • Judge's Choice
So, start looking over the entries for the past three months AND all the bonus theme rounds in order to make a list of your favourites!

The Last Walk of The Wild Bunch

It's not over until...

French Paratroopers in Indochina, 1954

French Retreat from Russia, 1812

French Officer and Radio Operator at Dien Bien Phu, 1954

Post-Apoc Neo-Soviets

Cossack Sledge Gun


Circus Maximus Chariots

40K Priest

French Sledges and Cossacks

Belgian Refugees, 1914

Russian Peasants, 1812

Aubrey & Maturin

Eagle of the 18th

Pike's Pause