Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From FranL: 20mm WWII German Heavy Machine Gun Platoon (45 points)

Fran sends in this great set of HMG stands that will serve as his Heavy Machine Gun platoon for his upcoming 'Operation Sealion' project.

These are 20mm FAA castings. 

This group will net Fran a tidy 45 points including a few extra for the nicely executed MG34s.

Next up from Fran will be something a little different and quite interesting - stay tuned!

From RayR: 15mm Huguenot Infantry (200 points)

Ray sends in these three regiments of late 17th century Huguenot foot that are for his Nine Years War collection.

The regiment with the blue flag is le Caillemotte, the black is de Meloniere and the green is the Regiment du Cambon. 

These are 15mm Essex castings. The flags are custom made by Ray himself and you can download them free of charge from his excellent website 'Don't Roll a 1'.

Ray tells me that he was driving himself bananas trying to photograph these units as none of the zillion shots he took seemed to turn out properly. Apparently, a heavy dose of McDonalds from his friend The Angry Lurker (Fran) rallied him and he managed get these three images 'in the can' (though, according to Fran, the callow cad never said a 'thank you' for the Mickey D's - the philistine). 

The sixty-three figures making up these three units will give Ray a base of 189 points but I'm going to make it an even 200 for the work he did on the flags. Very nice, Ray!

From JohnM: Napoleonic Prussian Command Stands (100 points)

John sends us these very fine Prussian command vignettes from his enviable Napoleonic collection.

These 28mm castings are from the excellent Calpe range.

John is using these large-based vignettes for his Army and Prussian Divisional commands. They are very impressive indeed.

I really like the layout and photography - well done!

A few of the models were done before the Challenge so they can't be scored but this group, with  its excellent composition and basework will give John 100 points to add to his tallycard.

From JuanM: 40mm AWI Continental Infantryman (8 points)

Juan sends in a wonderful 40mm American War of Independence Continental infantryman.

This casting is from Front Rank's fine 40mm range. (Aside: For those interested in Napoleonics, if you haven't seen them already, check out their new Wurttemberg Line Infantry - holy smokes, those are very nice figures.)

I've been teasing Juan about switching back and forth between projects (like I should talk) and he tells me that foray back to 40mm AWI is due to him recently receiving a very impressive resin log house from Grand Manner. I can completely sympathize as I have been fortunate enough to get a few pieces from Grand Manner and know that they can often create/invigorate fresh inspiration for a period.

Well done, Juan!

From ChrisP: Second group of 15mm WWII American Assault troops, 105mm guns and DD Sherman (188 points)

Chris had a very productive weekend and sends in the second part of his American Assault company, plus artillery PLUS a Sherman to give them some fire support.

These are 15mm Battlefront castings.

Staff Teams for the Armoured Field Battery which fired from off-shore.
Again, I really like the beach obstacles integrated with the bases.

One DD Sherman pretty much sums up their survival rate on the 6th of June...
A 'group shot' displaying a very full weekend's worth of work.
This group of fifty-six infantry, two guns and a tank will give Chris 188 points. Bravo - That was a great amount of work to get done over a weekend!