Sunday, May 15, 2011

From the Lead Archive: 28mm Foundry Ancient Greek Hoplites

Still drumming my fingers waiting for 'Hail Caesar' to make its appearance.  Thought I'd ease my impatience by unpacking some more 'sword and sandal' stuff from our move. Here are a few test models I did of some ancient Greek hoplites. I remember I had just finished reading Steven Pressfield's superb 'Gates of Fire' and was completely stoked to paint hoplites.

These are from the excellent Foundry range of models that were sculpted by Steve Saleh. I really like the animation of Saleh's work, even though the shields seem somewhat small to me. Hmm, that reminds me, I need to get some transfers on those shields...

Now that I'm looking at them again I think I'll do up a few more along with some helots for a skirmish game scenario I have knocking around in my head. More on that later if anything comes of it.

'You Shall Not Pass!' 28mm 'Lord of the Rings' Balrog

I remember how nervous I was going to see Fellowship of the Ring on it's release night, thinking, "Cripes, I hope they don't screw this up." Then I saw Gandalf (Ian McKellan) in his ponycart riding into Hobbiton and I knew they had nailed it. It was beautiful. Absolutely magical. Then about 30 seconds after this revelation I began settling into my seat, anxiously anticipating Jackson's vision of the Balrog. Well, Peter J. did not disappoint and when the Balrog finally made its fiery, heat-shimmering appearance I was completely gobsmacked. I felt like I was 12 again.

Anyway, when Games Workshop came out with its 28mm scale model of the Balrog I had to have one.  So I gave it a go and here it is. I had fun trying to replicate the flame effects and the molten cracked skin. I have absolutely no use for the thing but I can see it is one of my most cherished models.

Someday I'll have to try GW's model of the Witch King on the Fell Beast...