Thursday, January 9, 2014

From ClintB: 20mm Arab Revolt Camel Riders (96 points)

Apparently this is the Year of the Camel as we make the trek from Sidney's Sudan to have another visit of Clint's Arabia. 

From Clint:
Here is my next submission to the painting challenge 12 more 20mm Camels and Riders.
This puts me about 1/2 way through the force so while there is still more to come I will no doubt be starting the Turkish forces soon.

'On to Damascushh!!' You know, the world is a lesser place without Peter O'Toole in it. I loved him in 'Lawrence of Arabia' (or as I like to call it, 'Larry of the Sands') and I try to watch it every winter to remind me what heat is all about. But this year I won't have to because Clint is sending in these fabulous Arab Revolt models. Great job Clint! I really like what you've done with the varied robes, saddlery and headdress on these fellows. Marvellous stuff. 

These dozen camels with their riders will give Clint a cool 96 points. Now get back to your hobby desk and bust your hump to get the next set done!  :)

From LordH: 28mm Napoleonic British Light Infantry (100 points)

Lord Hill adds to his monumental Napoleonic project with this excellent group of British Light Infantry.

From Lord Hill:
Here are the Light company of the 69th (South Lincolnshire) Foot. While the rest of the battalion was in square, this company (or at least what was left of it after being butchered at Quatre Bras) was thrown forward to skirmish, amalgamated as a "Light Battalion" with the other Light companies of the Brigade - the 30th, 33rd and 73rd.

The figures are 98% Victrix with a couple of Perry heads/arms/legs. One day I must learn how to take pics!

Great work Lord Hill! I like how you've mixed the two plastic ranges to make some variant poses - well done. Are all of those figures on one large base? It looks very good but making several of these must demand some strategic storage planning!

These twenty Light Bobs will give Lord Hill 100 points to add to his tally. Very nice work.

From MartinN: 28mm WWI Russians & WWII Germans and British Paras (40 points)

Martin (aka 'Nick') sends in this wonderful set of miniatures for his emerging Great War project and further reinforcements for his enviable WWII collection.

From Nick:
As I finally decided to let my Great War games take place on the eastern front I ordered a pack of White Russian Officers from the Copplestone Russian Civil War range.These were intended as a test what colours to use and if they fit the bill. After all I'm rather pleased with the outcome and probably will stick to the range for further reinforcements.
The white bearded Officer is meant to be the Captain of the force in beeing. He wears the blue trouser of a cavalry general to further distinguish him from his fellow officers and NCO's.
I went for blue shoulderboards instead of the most commonly seen red ones if I should ever plan expand the project into the Russian Civil War and therefore reserve the red shoulderboards for the Reds.
Next are two WW2 Fallschirmjäger. Both models are from Warlord Games and rather crappy to paint as they're varying greatly in casting quality. Lots of mould lines and flash with sometimes quite weak detail.

The guy on the left is carrying a FG-42 Assault Rifle. At the moment I'm experimenting with my base sizes. I decided to go for hexagonal Bases for heroes, officers and NCO's but for the rank and file I'm pending between 20mm and 25mm round bases.

Last but not least two Red Devils also from Warlord Games. Contrary to the Fallshirmj√§gers I really love these sculpts. They're full of crisp details although there are some minor mould limes. As I'm rather disappointed with all my different basing styles I'll try to stay with the kind shown here for all my modern or more recent periods.

Absolutely brilliant work Nick. I've always been a great admirer of your paint style (your faces never cease to amaze me) and these certainly don't disappoint. I'm really not sure what you don't like about your groundwork as I think its superb - I do like the integration of points-of-interest such as the planking with your Russians. 

These eight lads will give Nick 40 points. Lovely stuff Nick!

From ByronM: 28mm WWI German Infantry (50 points)

From Byron:
Here is a second section of Great War Germans which just happen to contain mainly figures from Great War Miniatures, along with a few more Renegade miniatures.  While I really like the Great War mini’s proportions and load outs there are a few that had facial issues. These will be soon getting field dressings to cover up some of the casting issues.  Maybe I am just spoiled by the normal insanely overpriced GW stuff I paint, but at least I never have to worry about important stuff like eye sockets or mouth lines not being properly there.  I now understand why so many historical gamers don’t bother with eyes and a lot of facial details.  It’s a shame, because other than that, the figures really are extremely nice.
This second section for my German force is a rifle section led by a “big man”.  Also included is an even “bigger” man, both in size and rank, to marshal my Germans on the table.

It was brought to my attention as well, that the helmets do have covers on them… hmm, so hard to tell as there are no fabric lines or textures.  At this point, I am just leaving them the grey helmet colour, even though it is historically inaccurate.  Maybe at some point I will make it right, but at this point, I like the look better this way than one test figure I did with the cover painted up the right way.  So, its a bit wrong, but too bad, they are mine :-)
One more section down, and my next section of Canadians is also nearing completion and should be sent in in a day or two.  Then back to distractions, and trying to get a vehicle done for the next fortnight challenge.

Lovely work Byron! I have a couple units worth of these Renegade castings and I really like them. They're not as fine in detail as the Great War models (which are still my favourites) but I love their chunkiness and they are very easy to paint.

I'll make sure to point out the lack of helmet covers on these guys the next time we play. Its the least a friend can do. ;P

This rifle section of Landsers will give Byron 50 points. Great job!