Saturday, March 6, 2021

More Pig-Faced Orcs! More Oink!

Well, as I promised from my first post of the Challenge, here are two classic Pig-Faced Orcs to join their venerable Minifig forebear.

These models are from Otherworld Miniatures. I think they're brilliant. They manage to convey the old school design of early roleplaying figures, while also possessing a contemporary grittiness about them. I'm really looking forward to doing more. The big fella with the flail is 'Chieftain FoulTusk', while the other, with the fancy snouted helm, is his Champion, 'BadBoi'.

Chieftain Foultusk


I wanted to try a flaking paint effect on their shields, but I'm not entirely convinced. The yellow is not horrible, but I shouldn't have used red for the other one as it simply looks like it's spattered with gore (not entirely out of character, but not what I wanted).  I'll give it another try when I get a resupply from Otherworld.

Also, in the spirit of terrain amortisation, I have them stomping about in some of my kickstarter-acquired Dwarven Forge Cavern tiles (whose cost, by the look of their website, is almost equivalent in their weight in gold). I hope to be using these more as I just picked up 'Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish' and the 'Thud & Blunder' rules to try some dungeon adventuring.

Next: Something from the novel 'The Rook'.

- Curt