Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm Seven Years War Dragoons, Light Infantry, F&IW Indians, WWI British & Ronin #17 (whew!) (639 points)

From James:
So as we enter the last week (or so) of the challenge an entry from me that gets me over my par mark. I have more of my SYW French, we have 8 Dragoons from Crusader Miniatures then we have 12 Light Troops from Front Rank. 

24 Musketeers from Crusader these I have painted up as a foreign unit namely the Scottish. I have 2 units of Grenadiers 2x 20 (I have changed the units sizes just to get them in my light tent.) I have also added a picture of the whole Brigade.

I have a few bits of F&IW stuff left to paint here is on nice model from Redoubt Miniatures a pair of Indians carrying their canoe.  

Next I have my entry fee. He is from Perry Miniatures.

Last but not least is another of those projects this challenge has given me the kick I needed to finish WW1 Brits, 25 miniatures from Renegade Miniatures.

So that gets me over my par and gives me a week or so to see how far I can push, I have French SYW Cannon's and Generals plus the odd F&IW figure.

Whoa! That is an staggering shedload of fabulous toys James! It's really hard to pick any favorites as its all so darn good. I have to say that the indians hefting their canoe in portage is fabulous, all the SYW is beautiful and then there's the samurai - brilliant. I love the horse colour and the sashimono is elegantly done. I could go on and on...

This astonishing haul of miniatures will give James a staggering 639 points! This moves him past Chris into First Place in the points standing. Amazing. Well done James!

From JohnM: 28mm Emirate of Sevilla Warband for SAGA (280 points)

From John:
Well here is my Army of the Emirate of Sevilla, a SAGA warband to repel Nico's Frankish infidels whether in Al-Andalus or the Holy Land. Aside from the Warlord, Abbad al-Isbili (Abbad I of Sevilla), who is mace armed, the جند الله (Soldiers of God) are all armed with javelins. 

The figures are from Musketeer Miniatures and Artisan Design. They are well sculpted, but horribly cast. The Artisan Design figures had the worst mold lines I have come across. Their Berber Javelinmen (they all look like one-eyed mullahs, have a look) and the Berber Light Cavalry horses were particularly bad. 
Not withstanding this as a group, I am quite happy with them and am pleased to have them off the painting table. 

The 5-point Warband is comprised of a Warlord, 1 unit of Syrian Heavy Cavalry Hearthguard, 1 unit of Armoured Andalusian Foot Hearthguard, 1 unit of Berber Blackguard Warriors, 1 unit of Berber Jinetes, and 1 unit of Berber Javelinmen Levy. 
The Andalusian Emirs who ruled the various taifa relied heavily on mercenaries, mostly from North Africa, but also Christian soldiers from Europe. 
We will definitely see my Flemish mercenaries in the employ of the Emirate of Sevilla but also maybe some Vikings. 
Beautiful work John! Your warlord stand is gorgeous and I love the bewildering variety of colourful shields and banners. Spendid stuff!

This warband of the Faithful will give John 280 points. Well done!

From MichaelA: 28mm Cannibals & Cooking Pot (100 points)

Michaeal treats us with another beautifly creative vignette for which he is becoming well known. This time it's a group of cannibals and Mandrills in their 'Heart of Darkness' themed Smeg kitchen.

From Michael:
I'm falling behind again due to an unfortunately timed manic spell at work; that said I have managed to clear the attached from the painting queue.  Whilst I was never going to challenge the awesome turnout of the top tier of extraordinarily fast painters, I have looked to consistently challenge myself to produce the best and most imaginative work I am capable of - perhaps looking to scoop up one of the prizes in the sub categories.  
To that end perhaps these could be considered my entry for the non military category?  They are part of North Star Miniatures 'extreme' cannibal range and painted to loosely represent the Azande of the Congo.  

Some time ago I was gifted a flashing blinky LED from Dave D (One man & his brushes) who cruelly sowed the seed for this infernal project, daring me to use it under a cooking pot to give the effect of the burning embers - challenge accepted Dave!  
The pot itself was all scratch built using bits and pieces but primarily built around a table tennis ball - the top sliced off and inverted to form a 'tray' into which I put greenstuff, beads and ball bearings to represent bubbles and a plastic zombie's arm as the final, macabre gesture of the latest victim! 
The Mandrill guardians were also from Northstar and started life as baboons before a little snip and a bit of greenstuff completed their conversion.  I must try to figure out how to take better photographs to illustrate the flames but in the interim I have included one that gives a little of the flavour of the piece - no pun intended!
So that's 5 cannibals, 2 Mandrills, a set of jungle drums and a giant bubbling pot of stew - could things get any stranger?  

Wow, this is phenomenal work Michael! I've always been a great admirier of your vignettes and this one certainly does not disappoint. I had to smile when I saw your Mandrills as they reminded me of Phil's marvelous pink-arsed baboons from last year's Challenge.

Thank you for treating us with this wonderfully creative work.

This vignette with all its glorious boogey-masked, nose-pierced, blue-arsed detail will give Michael 100 points. Bravo and well done!