Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm Seven Years War Dragoons, Light Infantry, F&IW Indians, WWI British & Ronin #17 (whew!) (639 points)

From James:
So as we enter the last week (or so) of the challenge an entry from me that gets me over my par mark. I have more of my SYW French, we have 8 Dragoons from Crusader Miniatures then we have 12 Light Troops from Front Rank. 

24 Musketeers from Crusader these I have painted up as a foreign unit namely the Scottish. I have 2 units of Grenadiers 2x 20 (I have changed the units sizes just to get them in my light tent.) I have also added a picture of the whole Brigade.

I have a few bits of F&IW stuff left to paint here is on nice model from Redoubt Miniatures a pair of Indians carrying their canoe.  

Next I have my entry fee. He is from Perry Miniatures.

Last but not least is another of those projects this challenge has given me the kick I needed to finish WW1 Brits, 25 miniatures from Renegade Miniatures.

So that gets me over my par and gives me a week or so to see how far I can push, I have French SYW Cannon's and Generals plus the odd F&IW figure.

Whoa! That is an staggering shedload of fabulous toys James! It's really hard to pick any favorites as its all so darn good. I have to say that the indians hefting their canoe in portage is fabulous, all the SYW is beautiful and then there's the samurai - brilliant. I love the horse colour and the sashimono is elegantly done. I could go on and on...

This astonishing haul of miniatures will give James a staggering 639 points! This moves him past Chris into First Place in the points standing. Amazing. Well done James!


  1. Darn! You always seem to beat me to the milestones...

    Great entry, now I have to work out some sort of a response!

    1. Sorry Chris,
      Am sure you have a great come back, not resting on my laurels I have a new cunning plan underway :)

  2. Wow, not only mass but also class!

  3. Fantastic work James ! Especially considering your recent situation looking after Liz as well.

  4. Lovely work all round James :)

    That samurai looks excellent!

  5. That's the dog's danglies!


  6. Incredible amount of work! And all the models are fantastic!!!

  7. Stonkingly good. The canoe guys are especially nice.

  8. All good, but I agree that the canoe is my favorite. Nice job on taking the lead.

  9. Outstanding James, back with a sizeable bang!

  10. Outstandin James. I love the mounted Samurai.
    What a haul.
    The FIW stuff looks superb, working on a few of these myself at the moment.
    I hope to have them finished before the challenge ends.

  11. What a points haul! They look just great and I really like the canoe!



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