Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From the Lead Archive: 28mm Rakham/Confrontation Fantasy Figures

I remember years ago when the first Rakham figures first came out and being completely blown away with their animation, creativity and amazing detail. I'm a historical gamer first and foremost, but I do like to try the odd outlier from time to time and these really captured my imagination.

Here are a few castings from the early Confrontation line. I'm not really sure what they actually represent in the game - this set seems to be a 'before and after' of some sort of badass axe-wielding lyncanthrope (the axe broke on the right hand figure which I worked around by doing a leather wrap effect with putty, but neglected to do the same for the other figure - oops).

The guy below on the left seems to be a cross between some sort of a skinny S&M lumberjack and a barber...

...while the guy on the right looks like Ichabod Crane whose come back to Sleepy Hollow loaded for some serious payback.

A bit of memory lane there. I know I have a few more of these knocking about that are unpainted (or partially painted). I'll have to keep them in the wings for when I finally burn-out on Napoleonics. ;)