Tuesday, February 22, 2022

10mm Wood Elves

I needed a change of pace from the Tomb Kings, so I thought I'd try something a little different by starting a force of 10mm Wood Elves.

These are all 3d prints from Forest Dragon. They're really lovely models and an absolute pleasure to work with.

First up, we have a elven General astride a Forest Dragon. At first I had it simply mounted on a base, but it seemed like it needed something a little more dramatic. So I carved out a piece of blue insulation and modelled it to represent a portion of an escarpment, or perhaps a hilltop. 

I had a bit of fun playing with Colourshift paints from Greenstuff World, especially with its wings.

Next we have a unit of spearmen, all arrayed for battle in their serried ranks. 

Ultimately, I'd like to get a two or three more of these done, along with scads of archers, but that will have to be for another time.

Here is a regiment of wood elf cavalry. 

Not very hard-hitting, but will be good for skirmish tactics and harrying the enemy's flanks.

Another unit of cavalry, but these chaps are mounted on elks (I really enjoyed working on these models).

Here's a moot of Tree Ents striding purposefully into the fray. 

One of the fun things with 3d printing is that you can play with the scale of the models and create mirror images of them. So I varied the size of the Ents to reflect their maturity and age. I also put in a few archers and some Dryads to help provide a sense of scale.

A massed unit of Forest Dryads on a double-depth base, with a few Tree Ents shepherding them along. Think Helm's Deep, or the Birnam Wood at Dunsinane.

I know it's sort of hard to discern which is what in the photos. It makes a bit more sense in person as you can clearly see the Ents keeping everything moving in one direction.

Thanks for dropping in to take a look.

- Curt

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Klaus and Raegan in the Turnip Patch


I've been on a real fantasy kick these past few months and so here are a couple more characters for 'Moonstone' along with a long neglected piece of terrain for them to frolic in.

This turnip patch is an old chestnut from the sadly closed 'Architects of War'. Like many of their wonderful terrain offerings, the field is a fairly substantial piece of resin, nicely detailed, with white metal fittings for the foliage. It was an easy build, finished with a quick skim coat of Liquitex to fill in any gaps, primed brown and then drybrushed up to fit with my other pieces from them. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

Next, I also have a couple more characters to add to the Moonstone collection. This time it's two Faun, Klaus and Raegan. 

The background story for this pair is that Klaus, being sort of an awkward fella, was teased mercilessly as a young faun by all the other kids. Well, teased by all except Raegan. Taking pity on him, the young Leshavult priestess placed him under her wing, keeping him safe and taught him how to protect himself. They now work as a fearsome duo, with Raegan operating as a spell caster, while Klaus runs interference, wreaking havoc with his big-honkin' flail.

I kept the colours fairly limited to mostly earth tones, so both of these painted up quite quickly.

As you can see, Klaus DOES NOT need more cowbell.

Here we see the the floaty Raegan, casting spells, ensuring Klaus remains a happy and healthy murder hobo.

Thanks for dropping in for a peek!

- Curt


Monday, February 7, 2022

Additional Units for the Tomb Kings Army

Hello Folks!
Here are a few more units for my 10mm Tomb Kings army. Similar to my previous group, these are based-up for 'Monsters & Magic' a fantasy variant of 'To The Strongest'.

All of these are venerable GW metal castings which are a real joy to work on. Sure, 3d prints are great, the variation is welcome, but my lizard brain can't help but enjoy the substantial heft of a nice-sized base of metal castings. This all being said, I did include some 3d printed statuary to add a little set-dressing to the bases.

A couple units of skeleton archers

A regiment of undead cavalry

A unit of bolt throwers

A flock of Undead Carrion Flyers

...and a handful of Tomb King leaders to keep the whole horde-of-bones shambling in the right direction.

Combined with my first submission, this should provide me with a decent enough core to play with. Here's a group shot of what I've managed to get done this Challenge. I'm pretty pleased with the progress so far.

I have a few more Tomb King units primed and waiting in the wings, but I feel the desire to work on another race in this setting. Hopefully I'll have more on that later.


Thanks for dropping in for a look!

- Curt