Tuesday, February 22, 2022

10mm Wood Elves

I needed a change of pace from the Tomb Kings, so I thought I'd try something a little different by starting a force of 10mm Wood Elves.

These are all 3d prints from Forest Dragon. They're really lovely models and an absolute pleasure to work with.

First up, we have a elven General astride a Forest Dragon. At first I had it simply mounted on a base, but it seemed like it needed something a little more dramatic. So I carved out a piece of blue insulation and modelled it to represent a portion of an escarpment, or perhaps a hilltop. 

I had a bit of fun playing with Colourshift paints from Greenstuff World, especially with its wings.

Next we have a unit of spearmen, all arrayed for battle in their serried ranks. 

Ultimately, I'd like to get a two or three more of these done, along with scads of archers, but that will have to be for another time.

Here is a regiment of wood elf cavalry. 

Not very hard-hitting, but will be good for skirmish tactics and harrying the enemy's flanks.

Another unit of cavalry, but these chaps are mounted on elks (I really enjoyed working on these models).

Here's a moot of Tree Ents striding purposefully into the fray. 

One of the fun things with 3d printing is that you can play with the scale of the models and create mirror images of them. So I varied the size of the Ents to reflect their maturity and age. I also put in a few archers and some Dryads to help provide a sense of scale.

A massed unit of Forest Dryads on a double-depth base, with a few Tree Ents shepherding them along. Think Helm's Deep, or the Birnam Wood at Dunsinane.

I know it's sort of hard to discern which is what in the photos. It makes a bit more sense in person as you can clearly see the Ents keeping everything moving in one direction.

Thanks for dropping in to take a look.

- Curt


  1. How lovely!

    Unless you live near a forest I guess.

    1. Cheers! Yes, these are the quintessential militant treehuggers. :)

  2. These look fab. There was talk at the local store of playing some Warmaster. But I wouldn't know where to start to look for minis for it.

    1. Thanks Simon! If you have access to a resin printer (or someone who has one) there are many options out there for 10mm fantasy figures. Check out 'Forst Dragon' and 'Excellent Miniatures' for some ideas).

  3. Awesome work Curt, love the Dragons!

  4. I really like how youve done up your force here. Did you scale the minis down or are you not using warmaster basing? What game is this for if not?
    I hope you give my minis this treatment! They are really cool :)

    1. Thank you Christopher, much appreciated. I love your work, mate. It's funny as I have some of your goblins on the desk right now (and yes, they are really cool). ;)

      As to your questions, my stuff is stock 10mm and based for 'Monsters and Magic', which is a fantasy variant of the excellent 'Too the Strongest'.



      I like the larger basing style as it allows for more mass and indulges me in creating little vignettes within the units.Stay tuned for those goblins. I'm looking forward to working on them.

    2. That was a fast reply! Well I love your work as well, as you pointed out I am also a big fan of the dioramas you put into each base. Its one of the things I love about small scale!
      Stock 10mm! Thats alot of painting then! With how large your units are, very impressive :)

      I saw that you have at one point done Rohirrim, are you interested in more 10mm LOTR? I see that youre based in the UK?

      If youve any interest in my "Ring Wars" Stuff please contact me as id like to arrange some models being sent to you :)
      Best place is on FB

      If not no worries, please enjoy the goblins. I hope you got one of my Apocalypse spiders!

    3. Yes, I saw your LotR work - very nice! I'd love to give them a go as I did a proof on concept using Mark Copplestone's Rohirrim. I'm actually based in Canada. I'm afraid I'm not on Facebook, but feel free to drop me a note: curtcampbell at mac dot com. Love to hear from you.

      Funny, I have some of your Apocalypse Spiders printed off and ready to paint as well. Great models!


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