Monday, December 5, 2016

Spanish Civil War - Madrid Militia, 1936

Here are a few Spanish Civil War figures I finished recently in observance of the Siege of Madrid, which occurred 80 years ago this past month.

By the end of October, 1936 Franco's Nationalists closed around Madrid and prepared to assault the Republican-held city.

While the Republicans were at the time recognized as the official government of Spain, their cause was hampered by the loss of the majority of the Spanish army, many of which had sided with Franco's rebels. As such they had to rely heavily on the active support of civilian militias, militarized worker's unions and foreign fighters. 

Early in November, the Nationalists began their assault on Madrid in earnest. They forced their way into the western part of the city, crossing the Rio Manzanares and advanced into the grounds of the city's University. Bitter combat raged amongst the college buildings and also north of the city, where the Nationalists attempted to cut-off both water and electricity to the city. By early December, with approximately 10,000 casualties suffered by both sides, Franco called off the assault with no real gains. 

Nonetheless, Madrid remained under siege until the end of the war, finally falling at the end of March 1939. Tens of thousands of the city's defenders were rounded up to either be executed or perishing in prison camps. 

These 28mm  figures are from the excellent Empress Miniatures range. 

Thanks for dropping in. Next up are some reinforcements for my Italian Wars collection.