Friday, March 1, 2019

40K Penitent Engine

Hi Folks!

Just a small past to end the work week. This time out we have a Penitent Engine from the 40K universe.

Taking a dip into the GrimDark, penitent engines are mechanical constructs piloted by super-bad sinners serving penance for some particularly heinous crime (team-killing on Xbox Live, refusing to signal when changing lanes, not picking up after their dogs, nasty things like that). Upon sentencing they are basically grafted into what equates to a dreadnought chassis and then injected with all manner of psychotropic drugs and pain inhibitors. After a quick buff and a shine they are then pointed at the enemy and released. Weee!! Death and destruction ensues. Actually, death in combat is the only way getting out of this gig, but thankfully that usually comes along pretty quickly.  As you can imagine recidivism is markedly low in the Dark Imperium of Mankind....

This model is not an official Penitent Engine (Gasp! I know, a heresy in of itself.), but rather a nicely crafted proxy from the talented folks over at Wargames Exclusive. It's an all resin kit which went together like a breeze. It came with the option of a heavy stubber for the upper pintle weapon, but that seemed a little out of character especially when you can have a huge honkin' flamethrower instead. No contest there.

This should provide some cathartic stompy-burny fun until it's blown into self-righteous scrap. 

Thanks for dropping in and have a great weekend everyone!