Monday, February 25, 2013

From AndrewS: 28mm Viking 'Loknar' for Curt (15 points)

I'm a big fan of Andrew's work, particularly his Dark Age figures (see here and here). 

So, being the cheeky git that I am I 'invited' him to paint me a Viking figure for my collection. The man, being a consumate gentleman in not telling me to get stuffed, acquiesced and so I present to you the fruits of my impertinence: 'Loknar' the Viking.

He's pretty awesome, huh. I quite like his stripped trousers and shield, but oddly enough I especially dig his beard and braids. I'm thinking the dude could go into the scandinavian Death Metal scene if the whole viking thing doesn't work out for him.

Thanks so much Andrew! He'll take a proud place amongst my other honoured Vikings from last year's Challenge. (And yes Fran and Ray, I will get a post up featuring the whole group - I promise!)

Loknar will give Andrew 15 points.

From TamsinP: 28mm Norman Warband (242 points)

Tamsin makes her bid for glory with this impressive submission of Dark Age Normans.
For my 12th entry, here are 44 28mm Norman knights on foot. These are from the Conquest Games plastic Norman Infantry set.
The the guys without armour or just with padded gambesons will be "Sergeants" (= Warriors in Saga).

The eagle-eyed and elephant-memoried amongst you may have spotted that the shield designs are the same as for the mounted knights I submitted a week or so ago. I figured that any knight called to serve his Lord would be expected to bring a couple of footmen along with him, so it seemed reasonable to do them with the same shield designs.

Wow, you sure have built up the steam now Tamsin. I remember at the beginning of the Challenge you thought that you'd be hard pressed to meet your original target, but here you are, not only past your original goal but sprinting past Ray! Well done! These fellows are great and I always like your shieldwork.

This formidable force of Normans will give Tamsin 242 points, with a few extra added for her work on the shields.