Monday, February 25, 2013

From TamsinP: 28mm Norman Warband (242 points)

Tamsin makes her bid for glory with this impressive submission of Dark Age Normans.
For my 12th entry, here are 44 28mm Norman knights on foot. These are from the Conquest Games plastic Norman Infantry set.
The the guys without armour or just with padded gambesons will be "Sergeants" (= Warriors in Saga).

The eagle-eyed and elephant-memoried amongst you may have spotted that the shield designs are the same as for the mounted knights I submitted a week or so ago. I figured that any knight called to serve his Lord would be expected to bring a couple of footmen along with him, so it seemed reasonable to do them with the same shield designs.

Wow, you sure have built up the steam now Tamsin. I remember at the beginning of the Challenge you thought that you'd be hard pressed to meet your original target, but here you are, not only past your original goal but sprinting past Ray! Well done! These fellows are great and I always like your shieldwork.

This formidable force of Normans will give Tamsin 242 points, with a few extra added for her work on the shields. 


  1. Nice one Tamsin, I'll have to pull something out of the bag now!

  2. *cough* you might want to go back and edit the second sentence of my blurb. "10 knights and 34 bannermen". Actually, perhaps I should have been clearer and said standard bearers.

    22 points for 44 shields? Oh well, they're bonus points.

    Thanks for the kind words about my output. Still, can I paint 286 points worth of figures in 22 days? We shall see.

    As for that "Rozzer Ray", well, the rumour has it that he is planning to sandbag us all by painting a mid republican Roman legion at 1 figure = 1 man in 1:300 scale ;)

    1. Sorry Tamsin, I was trying to knit your two entries together and perhaps made a hash of it. I'll amend it so it makes more sense.

      No hassling the Judge about points! One of the iron rules about the Challenge is that I can be as flaky and/or inconsistent as I wish.

      I sense a good race to the finish developing here...

    2. Great work Tamsin, stuff the cheating git Ray!

  3. Excellent work Tasmin - really top rate painting.

  4. Anyone got Tamsin's address? I have a alarm clock for her, well that's what I am going to tell the postoffice ;-)

    Great Work Tamsin, you sure are slamming them in now and keeping the standards high. Things are hotting up eh?


  5. Great stuff Tamsin. The linked shields were a brilliant idea and look great.

    Large warband!

    I agree about that Ray, I keep looking over my shoulder waiting for a 1000 pt submission.


  6. WOW! This is great and the painting just gets better and better as you go. Also, you're beating Ray!!!

  7. Excellent stuff Tamsin.
    Great points haul and well worth it, I better get my brushes working.
    I to am waiting for the Fran & Ray submissions.

  8. Thanks all! I must confess that painting so many of these boys at once was a bit trying.
    As for Ray, well he's obviously beavering away in secret on an entry to dwarf all entries so far in the Challenge!

    @ Ian - you'll be back ahead of me in no time at all I suspect.

    @ Andrew - good idea. Let's blame Fran for not force-feeding him bacon butties and Maccy D's! ;)

    @ Curt - I wasn't hassling about the bonus points for the shields - bonus points are bonus points and in the hands of the Judge to award as he sees fit :)

  9. Great entry Tamsin, puts you right on Frans coat tails

  10. Fantastic entry, Tamsin; it is a very nice group of Normans.

  11. Some friends only recently raised the question on how to differentiate between certain groups of dark-age skirmishers. I shall forward that post as it answers the question in quite some awesome way.

    Oh and 'great painting' of course. :-)

  12. ooh - now they are good! great job Tamsin


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