Sunday, December 15, 2013

From IanW: A 'Fade' from Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' Series (5 points)

Ian submits our first fantasy entry with this poker faced fellow, a 'Fade' from the immensely popular 'Wheel of Time' series (that apparently could not be repressed even with the author's death).

From Ian:
Taking full advantage of allowing Fantasy to be included I have quickly painted up a figure for this weeks roleplaying session. Here Gentlemen, Ladies and Tamsin ;-) I give you a Fade from the Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time ' books. In fact the figure is Inquisitor Malvernis by Reaper from their Dark Heaven Legends. He wears some kind of mask but I filled in the whole face with white putty as Fades do not have eyes.
I only bought the figure last week as I have struggled to find a figure that suits the creature but was more than happy with this one, though originally was put off by the backpack. In the end it's almost perfect for the job.
It's the first time I have had so much black to do but using a base colour of Black Grey and only going lighter except a small amount of Indian Ink seems to have done the trick. 
Another first was the cold effect on the staff and it's come off better than I could have hoped so overall rather happy with the first submission. Now onto something with a few more figures.
Great stuff Ian, especially the work on his cloak and the ice effect on his staff. 

This Fade fellow will give Ian 5 points to add to his path to 1066. Chin up, Ian, only 1061 to go!


  1. Nice Ian I've never painted fantasy so am looking forward to see what you bring to the table

  2. At least you are off the mark. Congrats on the first fantasy figure in the Challenge.

  3. Great start Ian, your role-playing group will be happy

  4. Nice muted colours. I like it.

  5. Ian - glad to see you know me too well to call me a lady!

    Great work on the fade. I'm longing for August to roll on when book 14 comes out in paperback and the end will be revealed.

  6. Very nice! The sculpt reminds me of the Ori from Stargate SG-1...

  7. It is a very nice painting work. Curious character.

  8. Thanks guys (and gel) .

    Kent, I won't do lots of fantasy (but I do have more to do as I am mostly historical).

    Jame's I don't think the players will be that happy he's a very tough opponent for them that at this point will kill them if they go head to head. They will have a few encounters with him over the next 3-6 months

    Tamsin, check out Amazon you can get a second hand hardback reasonable now


  9. That's different, and nicely done, I agree re the backpack.

  10. This figure isn't really looking happy with the points! Can't you give him some extra points for the staff? The cold effect on it is very well done! ;-)
    Love the colours that has been used. Going great together!


  11. @ Anne, LOL, my themed entry is also Fantasy but I am working on Romans at the mo.

    @ Dave, it sure is different, looking forward to a second figure that will arrive in the new year

    @ Peter, why thanks, though I think it's just not the happy type, serving the Dark Lord is not all it's cracked out to be. Also we will be seeing many more examples of excellent brushwork that would be more deserving of extra.



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