Monday, December 16, 2013

From PaulS: 28mm Mummies (20 points)

Paul sends in this fine set of mummies who look as if they they are about to perform some fabulous synchronized dance moves on 'American Bandstand' or perhaps 'Egypt's Got Talent'! 

From Paul:
Day 1 started off well, with these four old boys completing quickly, only to be turned back at the gates by an old can of varnish that misted up and turned them white again *sob*. 
A quick touch up of the bad areas and they are finished again and ready to take part in Pulp and Mythos games as well as my ongoing projects to rebuild Warhammer Quest and HeroQuest. 
Further work on the challenge halted as a pang of guilt turned my attention to the unfinished Bloggers for Charity models that I meant to finish before today. 

Great work Paul! I feel your pain with the varnish, having done something similar with post-op black primer spray (the memories still make me twitch). You recovered brilliantly with these though. Also, I really like the clear bases - it provides a very clean look.

These old boys will give Paul 20 points. Well done.


  1. Sorry for the short bout of white-on-white text everyone. Blogger had a course of the Monday Blues and I had to scramble to figure a workaround.

  2. They look great, its a pain when you've done all the hard work an the varnish mucks up, but you recovered well.

  3. Thanks guys. That's probably the highest I'll ever be in the score charts ;)

  4. Very nice work. I always struggle with the light tans / beiges / dirty whites needed for mummies. These look really good, suitably off-white, but not so dark they just look dirty. good balance

  5. Having to do the work twice, not nice.

    The result? Very Nice


  6. Do the King Tut! Great start, simple but quick,

  7. Those turned out really nice despite the problem with the varnish. Matte varnish seems to do that a lot. All you wind up with is a nasty film on your well painted figures. I'm not using it anymore.

  8. Nice.. One is scary enough but 4!

  9. They are a great dance group. I like a lot their painting. I have had problems with Humbrol matt varnish so I have changed to Marab├║.

  10. An Egyptian boys band? That's something new! Don't let them get to close to a washing machine! ;-)
    Sorry to hear about the varnish! Luckely they turned out well after the "mummify"! Great work!


  11. Oh... that's what happened to 'Take That' :-) Very nice painting! The clear bases are a nice idea.

  12. Nice team, Who are the manufacturers? I could do with some nice mummies for my Egypt Pulp.

    I'm glad the varnish issue turned out OK.

  13. Nice work Paul. I'm painting mummies ATM as well! Lucky the varnish didn't completely ruin all your hard work.

  14. Nice work on classic figures.


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