Sunday, January 1, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Ancient Greeks, Bromhead & WWI Canadians (45 points)

Tim sends along another excellent group of figures covering several periods of history.

First is a group of five Ancient Greek light spearmen. A base for DBA and two mounted individually for skirmish gaming (one with a horn).  These are 28mm Crusader Miniature castings. 

The next is a couple of 28mm figures from Trent Miniatures  "Gonville Bromhead: Fact and Film" sculpted by the talented Mark Copplestone.

And finally a duo of 28mm Great War late-war Canadians. The one with the shotgun is from Great War Miniatures, the one on the right with the Lewis Gun is from Renegade Miniatures. Lovely work, Tim!

These lads will give Tim 45 points to add to his roster.


  1. these are fantastic love the way you've painted the faces on the colonial figures. Great work once again

  2. Nice variety of nicely painted figs. BTW, I just watched Zulu yesterday - nothing else was on, so I popped in the DVD. Inspiring stuff! Best, Dean


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