Monday, February 18, 2013

From DaveD: 28mm Female Gunslinger, Her Vanquished Foes & The Blacksmith (45 points)

From Dave:
I am returning from my sick bed...I have been laid very low - as verge of being hosptilised with bronchitis.. gawd its been a bad do.
Anyway I have managed to prop myself up at the paint desk the last day and stopped coughing enough to wield a brush. So back with few Old West stuff the guys at the club have provided me for the games we have going on.
So first up we have Dixon Miniatures portable field forge set from thier ACW range - just something to add a little flavour - and of course another tough little character, the farrier.

The the poor old boys picked on the wrong target here, a new female gunslinger character from Black Scorpion, and the casualties by Knuckleduster.

Hopefully I will get time now to go through the backlog of entries I have not viewed!
Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well Dave, but I'm very happy that you're on the mend. The absence of your entries and comments was noted here at AH. 

That Gunfightrix is the bomb! I can just hear her saying, "I can give you some sweet, sweet peppermint or a big can of whoopass. Oh dear, it appears I'm right out of peppermint..."

That ferrier is excellent as well. The forge is certainly a nice piece of kit, but the horse's eyes makes him look like he's about to kick that fella right into orbit.

This collection will give Dave 45 points. Welcome back!


  1. Lovely job Dave and sorry to hear that you've not been feeling too well.

  2. Welcome back Dave! Sorry to hear you've been poorly, but it's good that you're getting better. I thought you'd been rather quiet on the painting front.

    Lovely figures. I sure wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of that lady! :)

  3. Glad you're feeling better Dave. Il agree w Tamsin, I'm not sure what those fellas said to that lady, but I bet it weren't polite!
    Love the look on that horse.

  4. Excellent entries. And 'gute Besserung'.

  5. Cheers all,

    It's nice to be back from my sick bed!

  6. Had wondered what had happened with you, sorry but happy your on the mend. Typically great work Dave


  7. Glad to see your back on your feet and sorry to hear you were so ill.

    Great work as always from you


  8. Glad your feeling better enough to get the brush out again Dave. Great work on all counts, Curt beat me too the punch about the face of the horse.....attitude or what!!


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