Thursday, March 1, 2012

From FranL: 15mm Modern 'Contractors', T-55s, Hazmat Team, Unimogs, etc. (245 points)

Fran sends in another mix of very interesting figures that would not look too out of place in recent newscasts.

First up is twenty-two figures of contractor security from Rebel Miniatures along with Peter Pig Toyotas and crew.

Eight Peter Pig of militia and civilian casualties (Just a little taken in at the waist, eh? Ouch!)

Three Peter Pig T-55s

Three Peter Pig Unimog trucks and a knocked-out T-55 (which I really like).

Hazmat team from Khurasan

And finally three Land Rovers with crew plus the ubiquitous Mercedes.

This potpourri of miniatures will give Fran 245 points. Nicely done, Mr. Angry!


  1. An interesting mix of figures, the mind boggles at the games that will be played with these...

  2. Agree with Scott. That is one warped-yet-plausible scenario you have taking shape...

  3. Fran is insane and warped, why is he painting this lot? I don't know and nor does he the idiot!!!!

  4. Well insane he may be (who would argue? but plenty of good quality output as well.

  5. An eclectic mix. Nice one Fran

  6. A lot of quality here, Fran, and it can be the base of an interesting game I expect to see in your Blog. Very nice.


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