Friday, March 2, 2012

From GregB: 15mm WWII German Panzer Grenadiers (130 points)

Greg has caught the panzergrenadier bug and sends in these splendid truppen and their attendant Hanomags.

These are from the Battlefront range for use with 'Flames of War'.

Reminiscent of Scott's work, Greg has done a fine job with the ambush pattern camouflage on these.

Greg also includes a 251/10 variant (sporting a 37mm AT gun) for his emerging Afrika Korps collection. He's done a great job on the weathering on this. I really like the effect of the original panzer grey and bare metal peaking through the paintwork.

This collection will give Greg 130 points to add to his total. Very nice work!


  1. Splendid work all around. The vehicles, troops and basing are all outstanding!

  2. Very nice models, Greg; the weathering of the last one is great.

  3. Nice job. Good to see the 251/10, I need to get some of those too...

  4. These look excellent, very, very nice!!

  5. Very nice work on the bases, what material have you used? Is it pumice?


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