Tuesday, February 28, 2012

From ScottB: 15mm WWII German Gepanzerte Grenadiers in SdKfz 251s (Part II), (400 points)

Scott makes up for time and sends in this massive and beautifully executed submission of  twenty (20!) German halftracks painted in mid/late-war camo.

These are all 15mm Plastic Soldier Company models. They will be used for a variety of duties, from towing PAK anti-tank guns to serving as command halftracks. 

From Scott:

Painted in the usual acrylics - base coat sprayed from BF Spray paint tin
Middlestone. Camo pattern hand painted on; Vallejo Luftwaffe green and GW
Dark Skin. Washed in a 50/50 mix of Vallejo Black / Dark brown Wash.
Highlighted with drybrush of Foundry 9b ( a mid cream colour).
Tracks painted GW Dark Skin, drybrushed 50/50 mix of Gunmetal and dark grey.
Washed in 50/50 vallejo Black/Dark brown. Heavy drybrush Vallejo german camo
brown for mud.

Crews and passengers painted separately and glued in to place.
Same for Stowage. Decals by DOM.

Again, beautiful work, Scott. Your camo turned out excellent - I really like the muted, semi-opaque tones you achieved with it.

This group of vehicles, with their crews, will give Scott a very impressive 400 points. Fabulous job!


  1. Have to say great looking vehicles, and I believe a very impressive sight on the gaming table.


  2. Now that's bloody good painting Scott......

  3. 400 points ..... sneaky sneaky.. what else has he been preparing.

    Execellent Hanomags, nice to see them fully loaded, great stuff

  4. Thanks Guys, and Curt. I appreciate the points you scored them, as they were a heck of a lot of work, with all the crews and passengers and stowage... Cheers, Scott.

  5. Very nice looking 'mags, I wish I could paint vehicles that well!!

  6. Very nice work on the "Skid-Fizz" collection!

  7. 400 points. Congratullations. They are very nice models, with a great painting job.

  8. Wonderful point pump! They really look very nice!


  9. Scott - I had these babies were 15mm - even more well done - they are the biz

  10. Top painting Scott, they look superb!!!


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