Monday, May 13, 2019

Jorõgumo from 'Rising Sun' and Ashigaru from Perry Miniatures

We recently returned from a nice, long vacation and so I thought I'd catch up with some figures I had done since the last time I had posted.

First up is this rather creepy-crawly lass, Jorõgumo, from the CMON game 'Rising Sun'. 

The kickstarter for this game was a few years ago and I quickly jumped in after enjoying its viking-themed predecessor 'Blood Rage'. 

Another thing that attracted me to the game was its fabulous miniatures. They are very unique -  elegantly grotesque and wonderfully chilling. Also, as I'm a big fan of the 'Daisho' miniature rules, I thought these figures would also serve as excellent stand-ins as mythological opponents for our players to face (more on that in an upcoming post).

The figures are molded in a relatively hard plastic, so they can both survive a bit of a tumble while still taking (and holding) paint. Like all plastic figures, you have to be careful when cleaning them with your hobby knife so as to not accidentally take away any of the fine detail.

Next are a batch of ashigaru spearmen and archers from Perry Miniatures.

These thirteen chaps are from the Perry's extensive metal range. After the requisite cleaning, bending,  annoyed muttering, etc., the figures were a joy to paint. I find that samurai figures can be daunting, so I kept it simple, working around a bold red and cream motif.

I cheated a bit for the heraldic mon on their sashimonos, using wee scorpion decals I had left over from an Adeptus Titanicus knights boxed set (so I guess this is heretical on several levels).

Next post will be an after action of a recent scenario we played featuring these figures, so stay tuned and have a great week!


Sunday, March 24, 2019

Syrian White Helmet Rescue Workers

This was my closing post for the ninth annual Painting Challenge. I wanted to return to our overarching theme of 'Fellowship' and decided to do a small vignette honouring a group of people whose selfless efforts I've admired for several years now: the Syrian White Helmets.

As many of you know the White Helmets are a group of Syrian volunteers whose mandate is to provide medical assistance, urban search and rescue, civilian evacuation, and essential service delivery to areas caught within their nation's civil war. It is reported that since they were formed more than 5 years ago the White Helmets have saved over 100,000 lives, while losing over 200 of their own people in the process. In 2016 the group was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and have subsequently been awarded numerous international accolades for their humanitarian work.

Sadly, in this politically charged region of the world, there is an active smear campaign levelled at the White Helmets, trying to besmirch and belittle what they have done for their people. Personally I think this is reprehensible, but these are the times we live in and we all have to do our bit to rise above it and fight these injustices when and where we can. 

I'm proud to say that this past summer the Canadian government was instrumental in organising the evacuation of over 400 White Helmets and their families from Syria before forces loyal to the present regime could arrest them for supposed crimes against the state. Many of those evacuated have been resettled here in Canada, along with other participating countries. For many of them it has been a heart-wrenching experience, having to flee their homeland and loved ones to live in a far away, alien place. I am happy to have them here in a safe haven, but I hope there comes a day when these brave people can freely and safely choose to either return to Syria, or remain with us as new Canadians.

As you can imagine, there are no White Helmet figures on the market, so I took a shot of bodging my own. 

As they wear a distinctive cropped helmet, which looks vaguely similar to a German fallshirmjaeger helmet, I used that as a basis to work from. 

With this in mind, I found a trio of 20mm German paratrooper command figures tucked away in my collection, repositioned their arms and heads and carefully cut and filed away their equipment to look more like the rescue garb the White Helmets wore. 

I then carved a disc of high density blue insulation, affixed it to a base, added rubble and wreckage, and then arranged the figures to depict them having just found some survivors buried in the rubble. Admittedly, it's not perfect, but the overall silhouette seems to work to my eyes. I hope it does to yours as well.


Thanks for dropping in for a visit. I hope you all have a great upcoming week!


Thursday, March 21, 2019

Pink Horror Daemons

Hi All!

Once again, something a little off the beaten path today.

This time it's some Pink Horrors from the Warhammer universe. I did up a batch of these for a few reasons. First, they're wonderfully weird miniatures, with lots of animation and tons of whacky things going on with their constantly morphing bodies - so lots of fun picking out the details with the brush and colour.

Secondly, I needed a few of these for our ongoing Dark Heresy RPG campaign. Next session the adventurers enter an ancient abandoned Imperator Titan and some of these guys pop in from the warp to make things interesting for the party. Weee!

Finally, one of these (his choice) will be going to Barks as a big thank you for being such a great minion in this year's Painting Challenge. Thanks Barks!

Thanks for dropping in folks!


Monday, March 18, 2019

LotR Warg Riders

Here are two Lord of the Rings Warg Riders. These are metal castings from the early releases and were a real joy to work on. 

Funny enough, I've had these two bad lads done since the first few weeks of the Challenge, but I wanted to bulk them out with a few more models to make a more substantial force. Anyway, I made the mistake of picking up a box of the newish plastic ones and, well, what can I say but: Ewww.  

It's not that the plastic models are that bad, but after working on the earlier, crisply sculpted metal guys the new ones really suffer in comparison. So much so that they're still sitting 75% done on my desk.  Sigh. I know I won't be able to muster the will to get them done before the end of the Challenge, so I figure I'd best run with these guys for now. 

I had a bit of fun with the fur coats on these two wargs, making them a little more punchy and hyena-like than in the drab beasts in the movies.

Maybe later this spring I'll get the other six done to join up with these, but they'll have to wait for now as I have a couple other entries I want to get done before we call it a wrap next Wednesday.  


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

NATO Scuba Assault Team

Here is a contemporary scuba assault team with their fast attack boat all ready to take down targets like a hijacked freighter, a terrorist controlled oil platform, or perhaps even a suspicious water skier.

This set is from Eureka Miniatures. I thought it would nicely compliment the German special forces frogmen I did a few years ago.

I kept the three kneeling poses on their stock bases so they would still fit in the assault boat. The other three's bases were trimmed so I could put them on clear acrylic like some of my other skirmish figures.

As you can imagine these were pretty simple to knock out: black with increasing highlights of P3 Gravedigger Denim for the scuba suits and gear. Then black again with a VMC Blue Grey highlight for their weapons and metal bits. I find the trick to blending dark tones is to use a few thin coats of Liquitex Statin Varnish (which has an added bonus of providing a nice slick look to the wetsuits). I quite like the effect and may try this with some other figures (I think it would look pretty bang-on for Sisters or Imperial Sardaukar troopers from Dune).

Thanks a bunch for dropping in!