Friday, April 11, 2014

Entry #2 to the 8th Lead Painters' League: French Survivors Retreating from Russia, 1812

Just a short interlude post before I make the announcements for Sarah's Choice and Judge's Choice. Here is a brief update on my current participation in the Lead Painters' League. 

For my second entry I decided to continue with my 'Retreat from Russia' project and  so submitted a group of five French soldiers staggering back home from the burned-out ruins of Moscow. 

I actually had most of these figures done during the final part of the Challenge but needed to keep them under wraps in order to submit them to the LPL as 'unpublished' models. These fellows, unlike my truculent, ill-fated Goblins, seemed to have resonated better with the voters and so managed to garner me a victory this past round.

As with all of the Perry's 'Retreat' range these are superb sculpts. The freezing, windswept agony is clearly apparent in all their poses.

In particular, I found the fellow with his hands tucked under his arms, the tails of this coat flapping in the freezing wind, especially well done, and so to the stolid grenadier mantled with a green blanket, walking stick in hand and a well-maintained musket over his shoulder. Great figures all.

My entry for this current week (Round 3) is currently up on the LPL. For a change it is WWII themed (and a vehicle no less!). I should have it posted here Sunday night, but feel free to pay a visit to the LPL gallery to view all the matched submissions.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The People's Choice for the 4th Annual Painting Challenge

Following right in the tracks of yesterday's Challengers' Choice we now discover which entries were amongst the People's Choice of favourites. I felt very happy with the number of folks that took time to vote - I thank all who voted for being willing participants in this little bit of fun.

Again, below you will find a gallery organized in alphabetical order of all those submissions that garnered multiple accolades from visitors. The finalists will be featured at the end of the gallery.

Andrew's Giant Spider
Anne's Don Quixote & Sancho Panza
Anne's Guinevere
Byron's Great War Canadian Highlanders

Curt's Cossacks

Curt's Post-Apocalyptic Neo-Soviet Militia
Curt's Rick Deckard 'Blade Runner'
Dave's Beja Horde

Edwin's 'Professor Morrison - Before and After'
Fran's Zombie Apolcalypse

Lee's Judge Dredd

Michael's 'I am Gladiator'
Michael's 'Say Hello to One's Little Friend'
Ray's 'Stricken Crusader'
Samuli's 'Ensign Kennedy at Waterloo'

Sidney's 'Mata Hari' 
Tamsin's Pirate Horde
Tim's Feudal Japanese Warrior Monks
Tim's Samurai
Tim's Hong Kong Cops

From the hundreds of entries which made up this year's Challenge three submissions in particular rose above to captivate the attention and imagination of visitors.

In 3rd place we have Dave's poignantly cinematic final exit of 'Butch & Sundance' in glorious 54mm.

In 2nd Place is the irrepressible Messrs Awdry with his wonderfully creepy yet beautifully executed Whitechapel 1888. (Which also had the honour of being our Challengers' Choice this year - bravo Michael!)

...and in an apparent nod to this year's 'Winter Vortex' 1st Place has been awarded to Millsy's superb 'Ney with the French Rearguard, 1812'.

Congratulations Mr. Mills!!  I'm delighted that another of our wonderfully crafted vignettes has taken top place on the podium. 

Millsy, in recognition of your excellent work both myself and Byron are happy to offer you a gift certificate from SG2 Creation's fine range of laser-cut products.

Again, I wish to convey my great thanks to all the visitors of the Challenge who participated in voting for their favourites. Your considered selections add a wonderful sparkle to the event.

Later this week I will post Sarah's Choice and my own Judge's Choice. I hope you come out to view those selections!

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Challengers' Choice for the 4th Annual Painting Challenge

On top of being very brisk, the voting for Challenger's Choice was was quite interesting to review. While the three months of the Challenge witnessed hundreds of excellent entries I found many ballots had several themes in common. Not surprisingly, I believe much of this had to do with the Bonus Rounds as they spurred many of the participants to put forward some of their best work over the event's seven themes.

In accordance, I've created a gallery of all the entries which received multiple votes for the Challengers' Choice. They are organized alphabetically except for the last three which are the podium finishers. See you all at the end for the final flourish!

Alan's 'Alias'
Anne's Monkey on Flying Carpet
Curt's 'Winter of Discontent' French Retreat 1812
Curt's 'Sledging for Marbot'
Curt's Belgian Refugees
Dave's 'The Duke'
Dave's Butch & Sundance
Dave's Mahdist Horde
Francis' 'Last Stand of Humanity'
Juan's Modern SAS
MichaelA's 'Say Hello to One's Little Friend'
MichaelF's 'French Battalion, 1807'
Millsy's 'Heinrich Kemmler's Undead Army' for OldHammer 
Millsy's 'Ney Supporting the Rearguard'
Sidney's 'Great War French Poilu'

Right! The top three entries voted by their fellow Challengers are, in 3rd place, Nick's stunning 'Last Orders from High Command' 

2nd place goes to Sidney's alternate fate for 'Mata Hari'

...and finally, last but not least, the top billing for Challengers' Choice goes to Michael Awdry for his brilliant (and chilling) gothic horror vignette set in Whitechapel, 1888.

Congratulations Michael! This vignette was an amazing triumph of both vision and skill - well done young man!

Michael, you will receive a gift certificate for products (along with free shipping) from the fine folks over at Dragon's Den Games.

I want to give my thanks again to all the Challengers for taking the time to submit their selections - I (obviously) couldn't do this without your help. My hat's off to you!

Tomorrow will be the announcement for the People's Choice Award so please stay tuned!