Friday, March 2, 2012

From TimB: 20mm WWII Soviet Infantry (180 points)

Tim had a very successful DBA Campaign Weekend last week, and he also celebrated a significant birthday - Happy Birthday Tim! (I won't give away how aged you are.) So to change pace from the furious Dark Age tempo he has been keeping, Tim sends in these excellent stands of Soviet WWII infantry.

The majority of these are from Platoon 20, but he has one stand composed of Plastic Soldier Company models. 

The PSC stuff looks significantly larger than the Platoon 20 lads - must be better perogies and borscht where they came from... (or the fact that they are 1:72 scale models)

PSC vs Platoon 20. The boys on the left need to eat more.
These very Patriotic fellows will give Tim a tidy 180 points to add to his tally. Lovely work Tim!


  1. Nice work Tim, can't say the PSC figs stand out too much, unusual basing too, with the gap around the edge, nicely done Sir!!

  2. Very nice, Tim, a great painting job with these minis.


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