Sunday, December 30, 2012

From TimG: 6mm WWII Japanese Motorized Infantry (20 points)

Tim switches gears from his 54mm Tratvian project and sends us these WWII microscale Japanese.

From Tim:
(Slightly) in keeping with the theme are these WW2 Japanese. 

All 6mm (1/285 & 1/300) scale.  GHQ figures - mostly the old 'block' style and lorries.  The staff car is by Scotia.

Plenty more where they came from...
I'm usually not a big fan of GHQ's older 'block' infantry but I think Tim's done a great job with these.  (They look like they're at review in front of their vehicles.)

These five bases will give Tim 20 points.


  1. This year the "Queen" is 6mm... It is fantastic the quality you can achieve with so small models. Fantastic!

  2. Well the Japanese keep on a rollin' what a switch from 54mm down to 6mm and you did well in the transition


  3. More Japs still to come. But today it's back to the 54mm....


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